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Buying Clothes And Shoes Dream Meaning

The dreambooks assume that we usually buy things in our dreams that we lack in real life.

Buying apparel:

Usually people who decided to change something in reality see dreams about buying new clothes.

The color of jeans, trousers or skirt reflects the dreamer’s worldview. Buying a fur coat, coat or jacket speaks of wanting to isolate yourself from the outside world. Shirt or blouse purchase in a dream is a symbol of getting popularity.

According to Esoteric dreambook, buying gloves, a hat, a scarf or a scarf in a dream, you activate the energy activity of certain parts of the body.

If you bought new robe or suit, this can be a sign of becoming wealthy pretty fast.

If you had a dream about how you buy underwear: socks, tights, men's underpants, women's underpants, bra or swimsuit - all these are projections of secret desires.

Buying children’s clothes or toys is a symbol promising you will have a baby soon.

Buying shoes:

New boots and high boots symbolize dedication, sneakers - mobility, slippers - craving for comfort, shoes and sandals - openness for romantic relationships.

Sergii Haranenko

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