Buying Clothes And Shoes Dream Meaning

Buying apparel dream meaning.

The dreambooks assume that we usually buy things in our dreams that we lack in real life.

What does buying new clothes mean in a dream? Buying clothes in the store or on the market in a dream usually symbolizes changes that are going to happen in the person’s life soon. Buying new beautiful clothes predicts success at work and financial welfare; old clothes may predict some illness or bad news.

Seeing many clothes in a dream is a sign that excessive spending can lead to poverty. Buying clothes for a woman – may mean unfulfilled hopes; for a man – a new lover.

What does Miller’s dreambook say about clothes purchase in a dream?

  • If you dream about buying clothes in a store, this means that you will soon have to make an important choice.
  • Other interpretations of a dream, according to Miller's dream book:
  • shopping in an expensive store - a rapid rise up the career ladder;
  • trying on clothes in a large fitting room - the dreamer will have some training and / or vocational training;
  • if there was not enough money to pay for the purchase, this means you can get into an awkward position by taking on a business that you don’t understand;
  • buying already worn, old clothes - the sleeper will survive public humiliation;
  • the acquisition of unfashionable clothes that went out of style a long time ago - the dreamer will lose money if he is afraid to start a new business.

The main interpretations of the dream from the dream book of Veles.

  • buying very expensive clothes - increasing the dreamer's social status;
  • if the purchased outfit was not in size - failures, obstacles in achieving the goal;
  • buying white clothes in a dream - warns of illness;
  • trying on a red dress - the dreamer will commit an act for which he will be ashamed;
  • buying black clothes - may mean the death of a loved one;
  • if the purchased clothes are dirty and torn - plight, poverty.
  • if a girl bought a dress with a torn hem - shame, loss of honor;
  • buying gold clothes - financial well-being;
  • the purchase of red outfit - the dreamer can become an influential person and take an important post;
  • buying blue clothes in a dream - the help of friends will be needed soon;
  • green clothes bought in a dream - prosperity, wealth;
  • buying multi-colored clothes - means serious changes in life.

Buying apparel interpretations of the dream from other dreambooks.

Sigmund Freud considered a dream in which someone tried on purchased clothes a symbol that the dreamer is dissatisfied with his own appearance and attractiveness.

    The seer Vanga interpreted such a dream in this way:
  • buying clothes in a store - the sleeper will have new opportunities and prospects for personal and career growth;
  • buying a shirt in a dream means that the dreamer will have to fight for his family happiness;
  • choosing white clothes promises good profits from your own business in the future.

Buying a lot of beautiful clothes in a dream and not worrying about money portends a big profit in the near future or a promotion at work.

Buying old clothes of poor quality means a latent course of the disease. You should visit a doctor before your condition worsens. If the clothes, although old, are beautiful and of good quality, this means solving problems in a non-standard way.

Usually people who decided to change something in reality see dreams about buying new clothes.

The color of jeans, trousers or skirt reflects the dreamer’s worldview. Buying a fur coat, coat or jacket speaks of wanting to isolate yourself from the outside world. Shirt or blouse purchase in a dream is a symbol of getting popularity.

According to Esoteric dreambook, buying gloves, a hat, a scarf or a scarf in a dream, you activate the energy activity of certain parts of the body.

If you bought new robe or suit, this can be a sign of becoming wealthy pretty fast.

If you had a dream about how you buy underwear: socks, tights, men's underpants, women's underpants, bra or swimsuit - all these are projections of secret desires.

Buying children’s clothes or toys is a symbol promising you will have a baby soon.

Where did the clothes purchase take place?

  • buying apparel in the store - good news;
  • buying clothes in a shopping center - means receiving large profits;
  • buying clothes on the market - sign of trouble;
  • purchasing apparel in the bazaar - predicts a sad event.

Whom did you buy clothes in a dream?

  • buying clothes for yourself - receiving a nice gift;
  • buying clothes for a man - conflicts and a fight;
  • buying children’s clothes - minor chores;
  • buying clothes for the deceased - a visit from a distant relative.

What kinds of clothes were purchased in your dream?

  • buying new clothes - successful implementation of the plans;
  • wet clothes bought - disappointment and tears;
  • buying expensive clothes - friendship with an influential person;
  • buying beautiful clothes - pleasant acquaintances;
  • buying top clothes - chatting with friends;
  • buying fashionable clothes - interesting meetings and entertainment;
  • buying a suit in a dream - predicts promotion;
  • buying an outfit - the desire to make a favorable impression on others.

What were your actions with the apparel in a dream?

  • choosing clothes in a dream means a pleasant pastime;
  • trying on clothes in a dream - sign of fatigue;
  • dressing someone - losing in a dispute;
  • sorting out clothes - financial problems;
  • folding clothes in a dream - promotion;
  • dressing up - an invitation to a solemn event;
  • changing one’s clothes - a romantic date.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about buying clothes?

  • The seller in the bazaar praises his items, and the dreamer wants to buy them - in reality he will find himself in a difficult situation, succumbing to flattery and persuasion.
  • Buying clothes in holes and patches - means gossip and slander that can harm the dreamer.
  • Buying underwear in a dream - warns of diseases due to overstrain and stress.
  • Buying clothes from someone else - suffering from your own curiosity.
  • Choosing a uniform in the store and buying it - the dreamer will be charged with other people's duties.

Here are the Top-5 positive buying clothes dream meanings.

  • Buying bright, catchy clothes in a store - the dreamer will have a public performance, which will be very successful.
  • Purchasing a fur piece of clothes means the legal receipt of an inheritance or any property.
  • Buying stylish clothes in an expensive boutique predicts an acquaintance with a rich and influential person.
  • Buying a red outfit for yourself - a quick and very successful marriage.
  • Buying gloves or mittens in a dream - the dreamer's frugality can make him a wealthy person.

Buying shoes dream meaning.

What is the spiritual meaning of buying shoes in a dream? Buying new shoes in your dream means the dreamer should be ready for a long-distance trip or a business trip. Choosing and trying on women's shoes in a dream symbolizes entertainment and pleasure. A dream about buying men's boots is a sign of financial stability and success in his affairs.

New boots and high boots symbolize dedication, sneakers - mobility, slippers - craving for comfort, shoes and sandals - openness for romantic relationships.

Buying a lot of shoes in a dream may symbolize misunderstanding on the part of people surrounding you.

Purchasing footwear in a shoe store may symbolize betrayal; if the shoes were bought in the market, this means the dreamer should decide what exactly he wants and go to the intended goal.

If you buy shoes in a dream because of extreme necessity, this portends a difficult financial period. A useless purchase out of a whim - warns of an unreasonable waste of your own and other people's time.

Buying bright, unusual shoes in a dream means meeting an interesting person who can become a good friend for you.

If a woman is buying shoes for her man in a dream, this means the dreamer should support her loved one.

Who dreamed of buying footwear?

  • a woman sees shoes purchase in a dream - changing a partner;
  • a young girl bought shoes in a dream - may mean a coming marriage;
  • if a man dreams about buying shoes - sign of a good period to start a new business.

What kind of footgear did someone buy in your dream?

  • dream of buying boots - good news;
  • buying shoes in dreams - well-being and tranquility;
  • buying new shoes in a dream - a joyful event;
  • purchase of old footwear - trouble and poverty;
  • buying torn shoes - the risk of becoming a victim of scammers;
  • acquiring shoes covered in the dirt - the loss of respect from colleagues;
  • buying expensive shoes - promises material gain;
  • buying shoes with low heel - the long-awaited rest;
  • purchasing beautiful shoes - a new romantic relationship;
  • buying dark-blue shoes in a dream - a date with a loved one;
  • buying different shoes - the dreamer will have to make a difficult choice;
  • buying jackboots - financial problems;
  • purchase of spoiled shoes - difficulties in communicating with others;
  • buying orange shoes - symbolizes lack of funds;
  • buying wet shoes in a dream - sign of sadness.

Who was the shoes bought for in a dream?

  • buying shoes for yourself - cardinal changes in life;
  • buying shoes for someone else - a change of job or place of residence;
  • buying footwear for the child - the dreamer should loosen control over him in real life.

What are the Top-5 negative buying shoes dream meanings?

  • Washing or repairing purchased shoes - means the dreamer will have to do useless work.
  • Losing a pair of shoes that you just bought - in reality, the loss of a valuable thing is possible.
  • Buying high-heeled shoes in a dream - the sleeper lacks determination and self-confidence.
  • If it takes a long time to choose shoes, but you never decide to buy them - procrastination in business can have a bad effect on the results.
  • Buying shoes without soles - someone will try to offend you in reality.

Here are the Top-5 positive dreams about buying shoes.

  • Throwing away or giving someone shoes that were bought - a good monetary reward awaits you.
  • Buying a pair of shoes and decorating it yourself - means changing your image, a new hairstyle or buying clothes.
  • Buying red shoes in a dream - you will meet an influential person who will help in an important matter.
  • Buying sneakers in a dream - the emergence of a new friend.
  • Trying on fashionable shoes - the dreamer will have vivid impressions.

What is the interpretation of a dream about buying shoes, according to Miller?

Gustav Miller believed: if a person buys shoes in a dream, this means he will be able to fulfill his plans in the near future.

    Other interpretations of the dream from Miller's dream book:
  • trying on new shoes in the store - meeting your loved one;
  • buying old, worn shoes - the dreamer is in for a lot of minor troubles;
  • buying shoes in bright colors - there will be a chance to prove yourself at work;
  • for a girl, such a dream means the courtship of a wealthy man;
  • buying shoes and putting them on at once - improving the financial situation;
  • buying shoes and understanding that they are small - tears and sorrows.
Sergii Haranenko
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