Hippopotamus Dream Meaning

Mythological dreambook considers a hippo in a dream a symbol of negative collective energy. If you saw a hippopotamus in the night plot, this means you will meet an influential person in real life.

To see a hippo chasing you and about to reach means you will face obstacles set by not very clever people. The dreambooks recommend not starting any argues but breaking all relations with these people.

Successfully running away from a hippo is a symbol of victory over circumstances. In spite of the difficulties you will be able to get what you dream about. Such plot has quite positive interpretation.

It is a sign of great luck to see a hippo standing in clear water. Especially if you saw a very big hippo. If the animal was standing in muddy and musty water, you will have a period of difficulties and bad luck.

If you saw a little hippo splashing in the water, you will not wish to do anything in real life. You will just go with the flow subsiding to the circumstances. The dreambooks advise not following such life position for a long time otherwise you will never manage to achieve your goals.

A little hippo wandering in a beautiful fairy forest means you will meet an amazing person. Such plot means life has a pleasant surprise for you.

Running away from an aggressive hippo symbolizes fight with a strong rival.

Miller considers that if you saw a hippopotamus in your dream, you should pay attention to your weight.

As for Freud, he considers that a hippo personifies your sexual partner in real life. Your beloved one is definitely thick skinned as a hippo. He is unresponsive to your desires and focused only on himself.

If it was a little hippo, this means that your beloved man is an immature person. He will not be able to give you the relations you need.

Sergii Haranenko
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