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Kiss With Your Ex-boyfriend Dream Meaning

Kissing your ex-boyfriend in a dream can have ambiguous interpretations. This dream plot warns of troubles, conflicts, but also promises new love relationships, support.

If the girl sees a kiss with her ex-boyfriend in a dream, the dreambooks often explain such plot with the incompleteness of the relationship, with the desire of the dreamer to revive or continue them.

Such plot is interpreted as a signal that past emotions are still alive. Very often these are by no means romantic feelings, but negative about a former lover: insult, annoyance, pretensions.

Kissing your ex-boyfriend on the lips in a dream is a sign of unsolved emotions of the past. If you had a kiss on the lips on his initiative, he probably wants to resume your connection.

Passionately kissing with him on the lips in the darkness in a dream promises sexual incontinence for a woman.

Seeing a dream about kissing your ex on the eve of your wedding is a sign that your relations with the current partner can worsen. Probably your husband will remind you your ex in some issues.

An unexpected kiss with an ex boyfriend means that you can soon have new relations that will bring as strong emotions as your former ones.

If you saw a dream about a kiss with your former lover when you felt morally bad, this means you will get help and support that you need so much.

    Depending on the feelings you had in a dream, the plot can be interpreted in a different way:
  • depression - you want to make up with him;
  • frustration - foreshadowing the tiff with the current lover;
  • regret - in reality, you will do something that you should not have done, and your act may adversely affect the situation;
  • good mood - you finally summed up your relationship and feelings.

Any positive emotions during such dream predict changes for the better. Negative emotions predict problems, quarrels and changes for the worse.

Sergii Haranenko

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