Linden Dream Meaning

What is linden dream meaning and symbolism? Linden seen in a dream is identified with care, comfort and warmth of the hearth. The dream interpretation speaks of the sincerity and kindness of the sleeping person, explaining what linden tree represents in dreams. Seeing a flowering linden tree portends great joy.

In Miller's dream book, the dream about linden is a symbol of goodness and tranquility in the house. To see how it blooms heralds a favorable time for the implementation of one’s plans. Gathering linden blossom means: the time is coming to reap the fruits of your efforts and financial investments.

Dream Interpretation of the XII century predetermines the successful resolution of domestic troubles and litigation, interpreting what the linden means in dreams. Seeing yourself under a shady linden tree promises moments of quiet joy and pleasure from time spent in the family circle.

    In the Dream book from A to Z, the interpretation of a dream is associated with the actions carried out by the dreamer or other people:
  • if the linden tree was chopped or sawed – the dream warns of the deceit of an insincere person who is nearby;
  • if someone climbed on linden tree – one of the dreamer's cherished desires will be fulfilled;
  • smelling linden flowers in a dream – you will understand what was once incomprehensible to you;
  • drinking linden tea – speaks of excellent health, a surge of strength, new ideas;
  • breaking a branch in a dream – a calm life will be overshadowed by obstacles.

Dream Interpretation of Lovers predicts a young girl a meeting with her fate, explaining why she dreams of picking blooming linden. A dream plot for a man speaks of the dreamer's doubts about choosing a lady of the heart.

Seeing that you were drinking tea brewed with linden with someone in a dream means unexpected passion, a burning passion that will leave an indelible mark on the memory of a sleeping person.

Receiving a bunch of fragrant linden from your soul mate as a gift, warns the dreamer about the deceit and insincerity of the partner. Dr. Freud advises getting rid of relationships in which the chosen one is trying to manipulate you, causing pity.

Did you dream that you stumbled over a broken linden branch or the root of this tree? Do not trust unfamiliar people - esotericists advise. The dream books predetermine small problems for the dreamer, the cause of which will be his softness and gullibility.

A dream in which you give someone linden branches means that in reality you will mislead someone with false information received from strangers. The Modern combined dream book promises becoming the owner of false information, explaining why one dreams of receiving a flowering branch as a gift.

For people who happened to sit on top of a linden tree in a dream, the dream interpreter prophesies great shame and ridicule of colleagues because of one’s own silliness. You don't have to take on a job you don't know much about.

If you happened to plant a small linden tree in a dream, it means that in reality, believing someone else’s slyness, you will do something stupid. If you dreamed that the tree that you planted is blooming, then all the machinations of ill-wishers will turn out to be a boon for the dreamer.

Sergii Haranenko
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