Planting A Tree Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you are planting a tree in your dream? Planting a tree in a dream is a very good sign. At least, a huge number of dream books claim that this is true. It is not difficult to find out why planting trees appears in a dream - just remember which tree you planted, and did it grow properly.

In his dream book Gustav Miller does not skimp on interpretations that explain why one dreams of planting a tree. For example, if a tree you have planted has taken root and even had new leaves, expect your hopes to come true. And if you see that the sprout has dried up, this means that the dreamer should be very careful.

Some dreambooks think that if you were planting a tree in your dream, this plot predicts gaining fame or receiving inheritance.

A no less joyful prediction is a dream in which a plant replanted by you bloomed. It means unexpected happiness.

    If you want to get a more accurate explanation of why you dream of planting a tree, remember which tree appeared in your vision.
  • A cherry tree promises prosperity.
  • In a dream, an apricot seedling was replanted – this means change of place of residence or work.
  • Pear tree predicts betrayal.
  • The lemon bush symbolizes jealousy.
  • If you planted a peach tree – wait for new acquaintances.
  • Apple trees were planted in the garden – this image predicts love adventures.
  • Orange or tangerine tree planted promises the joy of meeting.
  • Planting birch trees – promises a long trip.
  • Oak tree – symbol of longevity.
  • Fir-trees - promise joyful events.
  • Maple tree planted – loneliness.
  • Planting nuts – means strong physical exertion and overwork.
  • Rowanberry – means love without reciprocity.
  • Planting lilac – a romantic date.
  • Planting currants – means betrayal of a loved one.
  • Planting pines – means good health.
  • Poplars – increased attention of the opposite sex.
  • Planting fruit trees – is a sign of wealth.

The person who planted a tree in the ground in a dream will receive a very good interpretation of the dream. According to the White Magician's dream book, planting trees in the ground is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer is on the verge of something new, which he will be able to achieve with his own strength, efforts and skills. Did the tree start growing? It is great - get ready to “reap the fruits” of your endeavors.

It is worth finding out what the dream means that you are planting a tree in winter or early spring into the frozen ground. Having seen this in a dream, you should know that not everything that seems unreal is such in practice. It might be worth the risk!

It is sad if you dreamed that the seedling did not start and dried up. The Gypsy dream book interprets this night dream as follows: you should not try to do what you do not know how to do. It is necessary to learn from the mistakes of others.

And you can find such a hint in the dream book of Nostradamus: reduce your spending, otherwise you will fall into bondage to creditors. Paraphrasing this interpretation, we can say the following: if you don't stop wasting money, you will find yourself at the poverty line.

The interpretation of a dream of planting a tree can have several meanings. It all depends on who saw the dream.

For a woman who has not been able to conceive a baby for a long time, seeing this is a joyful harbinger of coming pregnancy. And for a woman getting married, planting a tree in a dream with her husband is a symbol of a long and happy family life.

Did a sick man dream that he planted a whole garden? This dream is a great omen: the disease will recede soon. When a young guy sees how he plants trees in a dream – this means he will meet his future wife.

    Depending on into what you plant trees:
  • into the water – means reconciliation with a friend;
  • in pots – a period of harmony in a relationship with a loved one;
  • into the ground – promises career growth;
  • into the pits – loss in competition and loss of capital.
    Depending on where the trees were planted in a dream:
  • in the orchard – means profitable long-term cooperation;
  • in the yard – participating in charity events;
  • in the house – family well-being;
  • at the grave – promises success of children;
  • in the cemetery – revealing other people's secrets;
  • in the garden – profitable financial investments.

What does it mean if you dream of poisonous plants? Seeing poisonous plants in a dream predicts deception. Collecting them means changes.

Cooking or eating poisonous plants means disappointment. If you have to get rid of poisonous plants, this means you will reveal deceit or betrayal in time , but this will also turn into disappointments and tears for you.

Sergii Haranenko
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