Living Doll Dream Meaning

Did you dream of a living doll? Various dream books consider it a dual symbol. To dream of a toy in the role of the main character – is a sign of romantic mood and carefree future. However, you have to be careful if you were afraid of something in the dream.

    Dream professionals suggest that a doll that comes to life in a dream symbolizes a frivolous, short-sighted and not always honest person. Explaining the meaning of the dream, Gustav Miller recommends taking into account the details:
  • plastic doll – means gaining an interesting hobby;
  • rag doll – predicts surge of feelings, emotions;
  • mechanical doll – sign of stability, painstaking work;
  • Barbie – not wanting to part with illusions;
  • puppet doll – look for a manipulator in your environment;
  • voodoo doll – you should hurry to uncover the plot.

Dolls are different not only in reality. Therefore, we consider some examples of live toys in more detail.

The ordinary babydoll tells you that you have long been ready to become parents. The woman who nursed it, bathed and fed, is wishing to become a caring mother in real life. Such dreams were soon destined to come true. If the babydoll cried, made pitiful sounds in a dream – this means troubles are just around the corner.

Did you dream about a Barbie doll? The model appearance of the revived beauty suggests that you are too concerned about the opinions of others. Psychotherapists insist on low self-esteem, which can lead to prolonged depression, spleen.

If in a dream you could see a doll from the Monster High collection, do not rush to get upset and wait for negative consequences. Even if you are surrounded by liars, hypocrites, there is always a chance to reveal their insidious ideas and stop communication.

Have you dreamed about dancing and singing porcelain figurines? Seers and interpreters of the East insist on the dreamer's growing up, his spiritual growth. Finally, you say goodbye to illusions, begin to understand people, stop trusting strangers.

Choosing a mechanical creature or a robot in the store in a dream – promises the beginning of interesting projects that will capture all your free time, will replace leisure and personal life.

The talking toy soldier testifies that the children and family members will present many surprises. Moreover, some of them will be unpleasant.

To play in a dream means to subconsciously return to childhood, where it was comfortable, adult protection was felt. Be vigilant - someone will show genuine interest in you very soon, offer help, and assist you in promoting your ideas.

Sergii Haranenko
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