Doll Dream Meaning

To dream about a doll is often an excellent sign, representing an uncommon, but so far undisclosed potential in real life. However, the dreambooks indicate that the appearance of toys in a dream may indicate melancholy, the desire to avoid problems, to return to a happy, carefree childhood.

If you saw Barbie doll in a dream, this plot is a warning about losing a good friend because of unacceptability of high demands or compelled long-term travel. A dream about doll with unreal proportions symbolizes the rejection of imposed ideals, the search for solace in empty fun. Another explanation of a dream about Barbie is that you will have a new hobby soon and it will brighten up your grey days.

The Modern dreambook associates a symbol of doll in a dream with illusions of surrounding world, deceit and disappointment. It is considered that such dream can be the precursor of a miracle.

A dream about voodoo doll is a warning about manipulator in your surrounding. You should have a better look at people around you, maybe someone is just using you for his own goals.

A baby-doll seen in a dream is a symbol of worries and ado without any reason. It is also possible that you will find some hidden talents of yours. Playing with a baby-doll in a dream is a good sign for a woman: it means she will take care of a baby in real life soon. If a pregnant woman saw a dream about baby-doll, this plot is a reflection of her fears for the unborn child and being afraid that she will note cope with her new responsibilities.

If someone gave you dolls as present, you may be sure that all your wishes will come true. The dream can also symbolize financial reward. A dream with plenty of toys is a promise of having a big happy family with many children.

Receiving a doll as a present in a dream means you can be expecting pleasant news. If you consider the present too beautiful and yourself not worth of such doll, this means you should fight with your weaknesses. Bad qualities can spoil your reputation.

If you had a dream that you gave someone a doll, you will make your relative happy soon and make an honorable deed. If you know the person whom you have it, he might need your help in real life.

A new doll received by a dreamer can represent his impotence, a decision to give up under the burden of obstacles.

Gustav Miller considers dolls a symbol of warning about big money waste. If you had fun in a dream while playing with a doll, it means that your family life will become successful, secured, wonderful relationships will be established, you will have mutual understanding with your relatives.

If you were dressing up a doll in a dream, this is a sign that you make your own fate.

If the doll got alive, you should be ready for cheating, falsehood, annoying discovery and money waste.

A doll dressed in wedding dress predicts a meeting, joyful event, new acquaintance or pregnancy.

Buying a doll in a dream predicts receiving a good offer. You will make a good bargain very soon and it will bring you big profit.

The jester toy seen in a dream is a sign of little respect.

Sergii Haranenko
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