Memory Dream Meaning

“In your past there is something that does not allow you to break with it” - this is the interpretation of a dream that most dream books give, interpreting why memory plots and everything that is connected with it appear in your dream. In order to find out the details of your near future, it is worth clarifying what exactly happened to your memory in your dream: you lost it, developed it, associated it with something. These clarifications will help you understand the true meaning of such dreams.

You have problems that require an immediate solution, Gustav Miller’s dream book states explaining why there is a memory lapse in your dream.

Have you seen in a dream a stranger who suffers from amnesia? Such a dream means finding a new friend or business partner - it all depends on where you met this person: on vacation or on the way to work.

Are you interested in what a cure for amnesia is promising? According to Miller, this means getting rid of the burden of problems.

Dream about loss of memories: from the necessary breakups to casual loss.

In the Modern Dream Book, memory loss is interpreted as waste and unjustified investment. If you see in a dream that you lost your memory as a result of an accident, it means that you will make the wrong choice in investing your savings.

But Pastor Loff’s dream book interprets differently the memory loss in a dream: a dream plot in which you lost all your memories hints that it is time to get rid of the “excess load” - fearlessly break the connections that prevent you from moving forward.

Did you dream that a person you know is losing memory in front of your eyes? It is likely that you will take his place in life or at work.

    Understanding what are the subjects of dreams in which you lose your memories, you should specify what exactly you have forgotten, dream books advise. For instance:
  • You do not remember where you live - to a change of residence or temporary relocation;
  • You forgot your name - a new period will begin in your life;
  • You can’t understand who is next to you - new connections and contacts;
  • You forgot how to read or write - you should think about changing a profession.

Dream about commemorative gizmo as a symbol of "unfinished stories". Did you dream that you were doing a little cache, hiding something there? If in a dream you were hiding a flower or a sweet trinket presented by your beloved, this means that you do not want to let go of the past relationship, clinging to them even if they have already outlived themselves.

But to leave someone else's thing as a keepsake in a dream - is a symbol of the fact that you are ready to help someone who asks you about it, regardless of your relationship.

Seeing in a dream how you light a memory fire over some sad event that happened in the past is a sign that the “good” things that you did earlier will “come back to you” in the near future.

To train a bad memory in a dream is a signal that you understand what exactly you are mistaken in and are trying to correct the situation, says Vanga's dream book, interpreting that this plot predicts in a dream.

And if in a dream you help someone else improve his memory, this means that very soon you yourself will need to “dig into” your past, trying to remember some events. You will need them to resolve the difficulties you currently have.

Sergii Haranenko
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