Monument Dream Meaning

What is a statue dream meaning? According to the interpreters, any image of a monument in a dream indicates an overrated self-esteem of the dreamer, his unwillingness to reckon with the opinions of others. Such qualities as self-confidence and arrogance repel even the closest people from a sleeping person, erecting an insurmountable wall of misunderstanding. There are other explanations of dream books about what the monument symbolizes in a dream.

So, the dream book of the Wanderer connects a grave monument in a dream with unfulfilled desires, missed opportunities, memories. Esotericists interpret this dream as unforeseen complications in the implementation of a well-thought-out endeavor.

According to Dream Interpretation of the XXI Century, to see a marble statue on the grave marks that the cherished desires of the dreamer can not be fulfilled. The destroyed monument in the cemetery predicts sadness and loneliness.

Another interpretation of what a broken monument means in dreams is found in Tsvetkov’s dream book. A dream that has come up suggests that a feeling like disappointment can lead to a serious conflict with people you care about.

A monument beautifully decorated with gold, silver or precious stones – means your idealization of someone may turn into a blind addiction. A tombstone made of wood or bronze is a harbinger of imminent disappointment in a familiar person.

To see a memorial in the form of a bust or a head made of wood and bronze in the cemetery indicates an erroneous choice of values and prioritization. Dreaming of ordering a tombstone for a person still living predicts unexpected wealth.

A bronze monument on the grave of a living person - is a sign of exacerbation of a chronic disease. A marble statue predicts disappointment in your partner. Seeing a grave with your name and a portrait in a dream is a sign of loneliness

Overgrown with weeds, an old and neglected monument with a cross symbolizes oblivion. The revived grave statue in the cemetery, according to the Eastern female interpreter, means that you risk losing your loved one because of your coldness and pretense of indifference.

If you dreamed of your own tombstone – this is a symbol of a long and calm life. To see your photo on the grave portends honor and authority among people around you.

Miller's dream book describes what the tombstone of a living person represents in a dream. The dreamed vision tells the dreamer to start rethinking his life, to set the right priorities and goals.

Seeing a sculpture of a famous living person in a dream means a quick change of circumstances, which will let you achieve great success and honor in the near future.

Sitting at the foot of the grave monument in a dream is a certain clue that in order to improve the quality of one’s own life, one should think about the detailed development of plans and strategies.

What is the meaning of a dream of statue of a living person? Such a dream may warn about problems at work and at the same time it promises quiet and good life./p>

To order your own gravestone pedestal - to honor, fame, and receiving a lot of money. To build it on your own - your thoughts and forces are aimed at fulfilling the only desire - to become famous. Cleaning a monument in a dream symbolizes that a period of turmoil and hassle is approaching.

As for dreams of embracing a monument, a dream book connects this image with the embodiment of a secret plan. To make an appointment with a loved one in a dream near the memorial, according to Miss Hasse, indicates an imminent separation from a partner.

What does the statue of Atlant mean in a dream? In Greek mythology, Atlants were the titans are in male form, which are distinguished by their powerful strength. According to Greek legend, they support the vault of heaven; in theosophy, the population of the ancient continent of Atlantis, people with miraculous abilities (telepathy, physical flight) mean a period of stability, peace, protection, reliability and help from Above.

According to Freud, although the sculptural images are phallic symbols, paired sculptural images, like the Atlanteans, symbolize the dreamer's desire for same-sex sex.

Sergii Haranenko
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