Silver Dream Meaning

Silver seen in a dream is considered to be a symbol of the moon, purity, strength, health. Besides that the dreambooks interpret images with this metal as a warning that in pursuit of real happiness one should not be distracted by money.

A dream about silver or gold jewelry symbolize welfare and prosperity of the dreamer. Seeing a silver chain in a dream promises friendly talk, mutual understanding, smart communication.

According to the Dreambook from A to Z, silver ring seen in a dream means gaining emotional and spiritual power over your beloved person. The dream about silver wedding ring foreshadows the dreamer's well-being growth, family idyll and mutual assistance.

The dreambooks also interpret the image of silver ring as the beginning of a new promising business, a romantic adventure, unexpected support. Seeing the ring lying in mud warns about the intrigues of enemies and the machinations of your rivals.

According to Miller, wearing silver jewelry on your body in a dream is associated with the dreamer’s tendency to overestimate his abilities and virtues. This dream is a warning for men about possible conflict at work or their partners.

Silver bracelet or chain are a symbol of wisdom and insight. Some dreambook associate this jewelry with chains and restrictions. Pairing jewelry items in a dream, such as earrings, indicate a profitable partnership and reciprocity of feelings.

Medea’s dreambook considers silver items a symbol of intelligence and bright thought. To dream of silver cutlery and dishes predict honor and wealth in reality.

The New family dreambook considers silver cutlery in a dream a symbol of worries and unsatisfied wishes.

A dream about pans and pots inlaid with gold or silver are a sign of success and increase wealth. The mine, where precious metals are mined, foreshadows the emergence of a profitable enterprise.

Chests filled with gold and silver to the top, according to Nostradamus, foreshadow a grand monetary reform in the country.

If a woman finds or receives a silver bracelet as a gift, this image is a promise of many admirers. But she will not like any of them.

If you found a silver coin in a dream, this image predicts financial difficulties. This image also says that there is no need to make hasty conclusions, which in fact will be superficial and wrong.

Cleaning up silver in a dream predicts some illness. If a person is ill in real life, finding any silver items in a dream predicts recovery.

To lose a chain with a pendant shows the state of depression and hopelessness of the dreamer.

To choose or receive a gift of silver means love and adoration of your partner. Buying silver for a gift for your beloved - expresses the undeniable sincere feelings for this person.

Collecting silver metal in a dream - means promising affairs, relationships. To steal - the dubious benefit, unfair actions. Buy - a good investment, the emergence of an interesting and profitable enterprise.

Sergii Haranenko
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