Moon Reflection Dream Meaning

In order to interpret correctly what the lunar path means in dream, it is important to take into account many nuances. According to the dream book, the moon reflection on the water will tell about love affairs and travels. Romantic walks characterize the relationship, the light into your window will show whether there will be prosperity. The size and phase of the night luminary in a dream also matters.

Seeing a beautiful natural phenomenon on the surface of the water most often happens on the eve of a responsible or long-awaited trip. If you dreamed of an unnaturally stormy body of water, beware of unpleasant surprises on the road and upon arrival.

The image of lovers together with the moon glade warns against blind gullibility to the chosen one, who can be a womanizer and a rogue. Flat water surface means that everything is in order: your feelings are mutual, and the journey will go smoothly.

What is the meaning of a dream when the size of the moon is not constant? Waxing moon seen in a dream calls for activity: none of your efforts will be in vain.

If the moon glade suddenly disappeared, the dreambooks recommend waiting for the better times till the unfavorable period finishes.

If the crescent moon suddenly went out (faded), you should beware of losses. Bankruptcy is threatening your self-esteem and health.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of moon reflection of different colors and shapes:
  • A scary moon reflection vision predicts problems in the family;
  • Moon hanging high above horizon promises stability;
  • Faded moon beam reflects the worries of the sleeping lady about her looks;
  • Thick gloom reflects problems in communication;
  • Moon reflection at the time of eclipse predict epidemic;
  • Reddish color predicts taking part in military actions.

In the dream books there are explanations of why the lunar path is seen, which is thrown away by the thin sickle of the waxing Moon. Often such a sign is a harbinger of good beginnings. The girl-dreamer may unexpectedly, while quite successfully get married. Now is a good time to start your own business. Production affairs will go smoothly. There will be a chance for reconciliation after a long quarrel.

Crescent reflection is a harbinger of the loss of part of something significant, and a happy deliverance from the unnecessary. In the near future, a final break in relations is possible, which, however, has long been a burden. Unforeseen financial loss will be the reason for the search for new commercial solutions.

Most interpreters consider reflection of fading or waning moon a gloomy omen. The image indicates a high probability of extremely unfavorable and even tragic events.

The departure of a forever dear person or a sudden loss of the main source of income is possible. The risk of accidents and injuries increases significantly. A long-standing danger will be felt right now.

If you were lucky to walk on the moon reflection in a dream, the dreambooks predict joyful meeting. The same plot promises those who are in love mutual feelings and many years spent together.

The English dream book offers an interesting explanation of bright moon radiance in the night. The symbol calls to be more careful in relations with others, not to allow excessive frankness or violent manifestation of emotions, both of which can greatly harm.

Sergii Haranenko
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