Horizon Dream Meaning

The horizon in a dream stands as a symbol of hope for a better future. What, in general, is the meaning of a dream about horizon? Sometimes it is appropriate to use a literal interpretation of the dream. Simply put, there comes a period when broad life prospects will open before you. However, the dream book reminds: it does not mean that you will be able to use all your chances without a trace.

Did you dream of the horizon stretching away? In some interpretations, it is a symbol of the completion of existence in the mortal world.

Miller considers that it is a sign of common success in love and deeds.

If you dream of a close horizon, alas, according to the law of inversion, a difficult period of life is prepared for you, and luck will come much later.

If you had to walk behind the horizon not exactly understanding where to go, this means that you are looking for your purpose in real life, but haven’t found it yet.

It is very important to take into account the condition of the road along which it you had to follow the “clouds” in a dream. If the path was smooth and relatively good, then you will definitely get lucky or some dream will come true.

Did you dream of bumpy and uneven path? Dream Interpretation is sure: you are destined to overcome a lot of obstacles and difficulties.

Did you happen to see that you are carried forward by train or car? Get ready for a really fast career and rapid development of events.

Dream interpretation reminds that the road itself, which happened to go beyond the horizon, symbolizes life. What you have already passed is the past, what is still ahead is the future.

What is the meaning of a dream about fog or smoke at the horizon? This means that your future has not yet been determined, and you can model it yourself on your own, or by actions performed in the present.

Did you see a crossroads ahead? Further fate depends on the correctness of your decision.

Absolutely clean and clear horizon in a dream is a promise of some offer. The dreambooks insist you should take it.

If there was complete dark thickening at the horizon in a dream, it is better to refuse what is offered to you soon, even if there are no visible reasons for refusal.

Why does one dream of a light haze, as if from the summer heat? For an indefinite period you immerse yourself in melancholy and gloomy reflections.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the image details in order to explain the meaning of a dream:
  • Horizon with clouds – subsiding to someone’s will, everyday chores and small troubles;
  • Clear cloudless horizon – welfare, joy;
  • Dark horizon – temporary bad luck stripe;
  • Red horizon – sudden changes.

What is the meaning of dream of a sunset at the horizon? In a dream, this is a very ambiguous sign, which symbolizes both happy changes and close separation from a dear person. In addition, it is a foreshadowing of the end of the current stage in life. Sunrise always means successful beginnings and good times to fulfill your plans.

If you feel calm and pleasant feelings, then wait for a reward for the work done. If you have a dream of fear, you will not be able to keep the situation under control and will experience many troubles.

Sergii Haranenko
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