Persimmon Dream Meaning

Dream Interpretation is convinced that persimmon symbolizes the relationship of people in love. The taste of the fruit is quite peculiar, sweet and at the same time astringent. The fruit seen in a dream predicts that you will completely surrender to the will of passions in real life soon. There are other predictions about this dream image.

Eating persimmon in a dream – predicts personal showdown with a beloved person. The Universal dream book believes that tough jealousy will push you into such conversations. But, trying to find out the truth, remember that unjustified jealousy often destroys relationships.

Eating juicy sweet fruits and feeling true pleasure – means to find your ideal partner. Eating a spoiled tasteless persimmon - to heavy thoughts, suspicions, a painful break with a person dear to your heart. Did you have a dream like that? Do not jump to conclusions. There is a chance that the circumstances themselves will be as successful for you as possible.

Veles describes in detail why one dreams of seeing persimmons on a tree. This dream book says that if a large ripe persimmon hung on a tree, then you can expect rapid career growth in reality. A person with authority will help in business and promote to a higher position. If you had such a dream, try not to miss such a chance!

If only something shriveled and green was discerned on a tree among the branches in a dream, then plans for the future would not be fulfilled. Dream book of Veles advises not to be upset in vain, but just be patient. Some time will pass and things will get better again. You will be able to gain such desired material well-being.

Miller suggests that seeing a rotten persimmon in a dream is a bad omen. If you dreamed of this, then, for sure, you are unhappy with your current situation. There is a feeling that you are being underestimated and people often do not take your words seriously. Miller's dream book recommends being calm and persistent, proving your own position.

If you dreamed that the rotten delicacy tasted good, then you will be able to emerge from the future failures as a true winner. Seeing one of the relatives trying rotten persimmons in a dream predicts anxieties and worries. Most likely, you feel that some important information is being hidden from you. The dream interpretation recommends waiting a little and soon the truth will emerge. Another version of a similar plot is the betrayal of loved ones.

    Persimmon seen in a dream means quite a lot. The explanation of what this symbol means is available in many sources. Here are just a few interpretations of the plot:
  • Selling ​​fruit on the market - to participate in an adventurous event.
  • Cooking jam - jam dreams predict receiving sensual pleasures.
  • Feeding persimmons to your children – means to show them your love and affection in every possible way.
  • Throwing fruits at your enemies - feeling your superiority.
Sergii Haranenko
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