Market Dream Meaning

If you visited a bazaar or market in a dream, you should remember what exactly they traded there. In order to understand what “shopping arcades” mean in a dream, systematize everything that you saw in your dream, dream books recommend.

In a dream, does a man see himself in a bazaar or market? This means that activity and frugality will allow you to "go out" to a new round of life. But for a woman who saw the fair, the dream prophesies unpleasant changes.

Unlucky prospects await the one who saw empty stalls on the trading floor in a dream: depression, humiliation, apathy - that’s what you should be afraid of. Why dream rotten vegetables or meat? It is not good, as this dream means loss and disappointment.

Young girls who saw in a dream how they buy fish should think about the fact that it is time to realize themselves as a mother, tells the East Dream Book. Did you happen to buy meat? You should check if everything is in order with the health of close relatives.

Why does one dream of buying vegetables and fruits in a bazaar or market? Everything is simple, Pastor Loff’s dream book “answers”; it is a sign of the coming enrichment and fulfilling of the goals set.

If you dreamed that you were in a clothing bazaar or market, then try to recall those moments in which you were directly involved. So, if you acquired something on the clothing market in a dream - this is a sign of a series of bright and fun events that will burst into your life. And here, what is the meaning of a dream of trading clothes at the bazaar: according to the Wanderer’s dream book, selling shoes, clothes and accessories is a symbol of the dreamer's tiredness.

If you had a dream that you sell cars in a bazaar or market, you will soon have the opportunity to go where you haven’t been to, but have long wanted to go, the Gypsy dream book pleases.

And here, the auto parts trade symbolizes the dreamer's “disassembled” - this is a state when a person does not know himself what he wants. You should learn to plan, recommends the interpreter Tsvetkova.

Do you see in a dream that you are rapturously wandering around the “flea market”, looking closely at various small things and rummaging around in old things? This is a good sign, dream books assure. You are not used to living according to the instructions and stick to patterns of behavior. It's fun communicating with you, so many people dream of making friends with you.

And if you dreamed that you were selling old or even rare things at a flea market, this plot characterizes you as a person who is capable of original actions, sometimes even bordering on violation of morality.

    If you dreamed that you came to a bazaar or market, you should remember as whom you were present there. The interpretation of a dream will depend on these details. So you were:
  • Selling food – income increase;
  • Clothes seller – someone will come for advice to you;
  • Buyer – unnecessary wastes;
  • Security guard – you will have an interesting job offer;
  • Controlling the quality of the goods – you will receive long-awaited news.
Sergii Haranenko
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