Pizza Dream Meaning

A delicious national dish of Italian cuisine, which the whole world knows about, has won over many gourmets. To see or eat appetizing pieces of pizza in a dream predicts the opportunity to have a good time, learn something new.

According to Miller, probably what the majority of people likes is not causing you a hint of sympathy. Eating pizza in a dream - to be able to learn new things or change your established point of view to the opposite opinion.

A Modern universal dream book explains dreams of cooking pizza with the new prospect to express yourself and show your talents. The dreamer is tempted to use his skills and realize his inner potential.

Medea’s dreambook compares pizza in a dream with the ability of a sleeping person to do something practically from nothing.

If during cooking pizza got burned, then in reality there is a danger of being deceived by a close friend. If you dreamed that even though if was burnt, all the guests began to eat pizza, then in real time you can adequately get out of this unpleasant situation.

To a young girl, to see an unfamiliar man invites her to a pizzeria, means to get a veiled, obscene offer from a man in reality. For a married woman, the meaning of a dream is revealed in the possibility of having a good time with her spouse.

A dream of eating pizza in a circle of colleagues promises the risk of becoming a victim of false rumors and other conjectures in reality. To be in a pizzeria with business partners in a dream - beware of a trick or deception on their part. Ordering many pizzas - most likely to expand the horizons of your influence

Some dreambooks think that eating pizza foreshadows the threat of falling into a difficult situation due to your hindsight and levity. Another meaning of the dream, in which one eats pizza, says about the prospect of doing an interesting project, to visit unknown places.

If a piece of pizza falls down on the floor while you are eating it, you may expect news from afar. For a young girl a vision like this predicts a meeting with a nice and courteous young man in real life, which may well end in a wedding.

Cutting Italian pizza in a dream, laying it out on plates, predicts a comfortable, perfect heart-to-heart talk with a loved one. The vision in which the dreamer had the opportunity to cook and eat pizza with cheese, according to the Dreambook from A to Z, speaks about the mutual sympathy of the person whom you like, which may well turn into love.

To cut a large tortilla with an abundance of ingredients personifies the dreamer's aspiration to gain rich, full-fledged experience.

Sergii Haranenko
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