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Pregnant Snake Dream Meaning

Snakes seen in a dream is a warning about any forms and kinds of evil. The serpent can also symbolize struggle for existence as well as remorse.

According to Miller’s dreambook, if you dreamed of a snake - wait for trouble, betrayal, condemnation from the surrounding. A pregnant snake carries even more negative meaning.

In Vanga’s dreambook, a pregnant snake indicates that a conflict with someone from surrounding people, relatives, colleagues, and friends is arising; and it will soon burst out.

A pregnant snake in the Islamic dreambook carries the blessing, the protection of Allah. If the snake is in your house, you need to think carefully before inviting guests to the house, they can bring discord to your family.

According to Freud, a pregnant snake seen in a dream is a symbol of coming success in the person’s life. It is worth watching the behavior of others, in order not to miss the fateful sign.

The Islamic dreambook says that a pregnant snake seen in a dream is a sign of power. But you should also pay attention to the emotional component of the dream. If a snake behaves aggressively, wait for trouble, keep your mouth shut, and trust less of your thoughts to strangers.

Here you can find interesting real-life signs and omens about shed snake skin. Snakes in medicine. Snake amulets.

Sergii Haranenko

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