Ravine Dream Meaning

In general, the appearance of a ravine in a dream is interpreted as a very unfavorable sign. However, don't panic. The details of the dream will give a more accurate indication of what the natural relief means in dreams, and help you find worthy ways to avoid trouble.

For example, just seeing a gorge in a dream reflects a situation that the dreamer cannot control. The severity of the circumstances will depend on the depth of the ditch. If you bypass it, this means you will be able to avoid trouble in reality.

According to the interpretation of Aesop's dream book, a dream of a dirty ravine symbolizes danger, serious illness or even death. Seeing it in a dream overgrown with grass is a sign of change. You may have to abandon your goals and completely change your plans.

If in a dream you happened to see a deep ravine that branches into several smaller ones, this means you will have to make a difficult choice in reality.

According to some meanings of Freud's dream book, the way of moving indicates the final outcome of any business. If you dreamed of falling into a ravine, then everything will go very quickly. Sliding down - events will develop so rapidly that you will not even have time to realize it. If you descend slowly, this means your own delusions will lead to serious problems.

Before analyzing the dream, it is worth recalling the look of a ravine. If it is dirty and gloomy, this means n a meeting with the enemy awaits you. If dreamed of its clean bottom - you will soon find out his name.

A deep ravine filled with water portends particular danger. Hasse's dream book interprets this sign as sad events for the elderly - the end of life. The fall into it threatens the young with a serious tragedy.

To wander along the bottom of the gully in search of a way up – means looking for a way out of a difficult situation or relationship. Also, the Modern dream book interprets this dream as litigation with enemies.

Accordingly, if you manage to get out in a dream, then the problem will be solved. But how this will happen, in a difficult or simple way, you can find out from the details of the dream.

If you dreamed that you were walking along the edge of a deep ravine, then you need to behave extremely carefully in reality. This vision is very simple to interpret. Whether it is in business, in love, or in general in life, you are balancing on the very edge. And if you do not take the proper measures, then fate will certainly "help" you fall to the very bottom.

Often, deciphering a dream depends entirely on life circumstances. And Miller's interpretation of trouble in business can hardly concern a person whose heart is occupied with love. Therefore, for some, the fall will mean the collapse of plans, for others, the end of love relationships.

If a fall into a ravine symbolizes death, then it cannot be taken categorically. The interpreter recommends applying the meaning only in relation to certain events. Moreover, if you managed to get out, then this is a sign of healing, rebirth and new plans.

By the way, if you dreamed that while wandering there you found something valuable (a star, a diamond, etc.), and then you were able to get out, this dream can be considered prophetic. Probably, in the future you will stand on a fine line, but you will be able to survive and even reap great benefits or gain secret knowledge.

Sergii Haranenko
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