Depth Dream Meaning

The depth that appears in a dream symbolizes your subconscious. This dream can be considered prophetic to some extent, but it is necessary to interpret the plot strictly taking into account your personal feelings. To understand what it means in a dream, the dream book recommends an association with what you happened to see and the current life situation.

Before you begin the interpretation of a dream, you should accurately identify for yourself your main life priorities. It depends on whether the prophecy will be related to spirituality or related exclusively to the material side.

    The dream book advises to remember what kind of depth it was:
  • The depth of the ocean means a journey (not necessarily physical).
  • The depth of the river is a symbol of joy.
  • The cave depth – means change or solitude.
  • A hole in the ground is a sign of a trap.
  • The depths of the sea for women are a symbol of femininity, for men - the focus of his mood.

The dream book considers the sea and oceanic depths a reflection of unknowable forces, mystical energy. It is a symbol of unlimited spirit, magic and events beyond the control of reason.

If you happened to see the underwater world at great depths in a dream, then the dream book is sure that you were lucky enough to descend into the very essence of your own soul, memories and current experiences.

Mr. Miller is sure that diving to great depth predicts significant events. It is best of all if you dreamed that the water was absolutely clean and transparent, otherwise serious tests are coming.

Did you dream of a dive in a diver costume? Stability and high position will have to be acquired by long and hard work.

If you have got into depth in a special apparatus in a dream, this means you run the risk of finding yourself in a difficult and completely uncontrolled situation.

Immersion in a dream is also a sign of self-knowledge, gaining wisdom and secret knowledge.

Why else is one dreaming of depth? The Esoteric interpretation of the vision claims to be a sign of discovery. The dream interpretation recommends recalling how you got to the depths. If you descend rapidly, this means a certain secret will be revealed to you, if you got there slowly and progressively, in this case knowledge will come after a long study.

If in a dream you still could not reach the bottom, this means that you need to continue improving.

Sometimes the vision in which you happened to swim to the maximum depth means that you are trying to find out something that you absolutely do not need.

Swimming deep underwater in a diving suit is a sign of promotion. If you had such a vision, the dream book does not advise you to take decisive action right now.

If in a dream you run out of oxygen, this means your resources will run out at the moment when the goal will be closest in real life.

Why do you dream of diving deep? The dream interpretation is sure that this is a sign that you are trying to hide from pestering people or even lenders.

Diving from a high cliff into the abyss - literally means that you are passionately in love. If you dreamed that you happened to dive into dirty water, get ready to solve especially unpleasant problems.

To see how others take pearls or ancient treasures from the bottom is a hint of your subconscious: only fearlessness and self-confidence will help you.

What is the meaning of a dream in which you happen to swim out to the surface?

If you are sick and in a dream made attempts to swim from great depth, this plot means you will recover. If everything is in order with your health, then the dream book promises a long journey.

If you had a hard time swimming out, you will have to face difficulties; if it was easy - everything will be solved instantly and painlessly.

Sergii Haranenko
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