Falling Dream Meaning

Feeling of falling

What is falling dream meaning and symbolism? According to Miller, falling and being very frightened at the same time means overcoming significant difficulties, the struggle with which will lead you to good luck. If you were injured badly from a fall, this dream means loss; perhaps friends will leave you.

Very often we see ourselves falling in our dreams. A lot of dreambooks interpret falling in your dreams as a reverse plot meaning future growth, development, both moral and physical. Longo’s dreambook explains this dream the following way: when needed you may not find support that you are expecting and this can have negative influence. Try to take measures in advance.

Feeling of falling in a dream that makes you wake up is a sign of something good - winning, promotion, any kind of luck for you or the members of your family. Seeing yourself regularly falling while you are sleeping can be a sign of low self-esteem, wish to correspond someone’s expectations and your anxiety about this. Falling from height in a dream symbolizes the depth of the situation you will get into, the higher you fall the more difficult the situation is.

Falling into abyss is a serious warning about big trouble. The dream is a sign of an unfavorable period and you should rely on yourself now, your mistakes can cost you too much. Pharaons’ dreambook had an opposite explanation of falling dreams - they considered it an end of a negative situation, the end of war, conflict, illness, etc.

A dream of falling into abyss predicts the emergence of unreasonable fears and serious enemies.

    Here are the Top-5 adverse meanings of dreams about falling into chasm:
  • Falling into a fiery precipice in a dream speaks of a nervous breakdown.
  • Falling into a narrow abyss - means material difficulties.
  • Falling from the cliff into the abyss - sign of failure in business.
  • Falling and flying upside down - symbolizes health problems.
  • Falling with a loved one - predicts a quarrel with him in real life.
    What are the Top-5 auspicious plots of falling in dreams?
  • Falling into an icy abyss in dreams may mean improving health and longevity.
  • Flying into the chasm slowly - promises good changes at work or in business.
  • Falling with a parachute - means the emergence of a profitable hobby.
  • Dream about falling with an open umbrella - promises meeting your future husband / wife.
  • Falling off a cliff on a motorcycle is a sign of a joyful event.

Falling from the stairs can have both direct or figurative meaning; make sure that the person who is holding your stairs is reliable. If you had a dream about falling in the elevator, make sure you are moving the right direction and not going to a dead-end. Falling from the balcony can mean obstacles in business, don’t be upset because you will finally get what you want.

What does Feng Shui dreambook say about falling in a dream? If in a dream you fell from great height, this plot predicts demotion. Falling together with your wife in a dream promises love lasting all your life. Seeing someone else falling in your dream is a sign of loss.

If an ill person is falling from height in a dream, his illness is difficult to treat. If the merchant fell from a height, this is a sign of losses in business. If in a dream you saw that you were falling from a horse, expect misfortune.

If in a dream you fall from the roof, this means some kind of exile. If you fell into the water - this means bankruptcy in business. When an elderly person saw himself falling from bed on the floor - this is an symbol of imminent death. If a woman saw her children fallen - this plot warns of a serious illnesses of her children.

Falling from height

What is the meaning of Gypsy dreambook about falling in dreams? People often dream that they are falling, gypsies say that this means that you are unhappy, especially in your personal life, and you want to get out of this situation.

Egyptian dreambook thinks that a dream of falling from the wall is a positive sign promising the end of quarrels.

According to the Dreambook of the 20th century, falling in dream symbolizes some kind of obstacles. Falling unexpectedly out of the blue means that a business that seems reliable and strong to you can bring an unpleasant surprise. If you slipped and fell, this is a sign that you should postpone all risky business for the time being.

Climbing up and falling from a height: it suggests that the difficult task that you have undertaken or are about to undertake is unlikely to be within your power. Perhaps, before taking on it, you should get a good rest. Falling down the stairs id a warning that your position is in danger. It is possible that you made a mistake in business, and this can turn into trouble.

A dream in which you dream that you fell out of bed suggests that relaxation is inappropriate at the moment and can lead to serious trouble. Falling on the run in a dream is a bad omen. This is a sign that you will have a very serious obstacle on your path, but do not know which side to expect it from. You should conduct your affairs with great care and caution.

    Chinese dreambook gives brief falling dream meanings:
  • Dishes falling into the well - there will be a joyful event.
  • Leaves falling from a large tree - a happy event in the house.
  • A meteorite flies past, but does not fall to the ground - means a change of residence.
  • Knives or a sword falling into the water - portends the death of a spouse.
  • A shooting star - there may be an illness, problems at work.
  • Snow is falling - soon there will be great luck and profit.
  • Tiles falling from the roof, you feel mortal horror - there will be a quarrel with your wife.
  • Falling into the water - no trouble will happen.
  • Falling into a well means a disease or a nuisance.
  • Falling drunk into a well - a situation will arise related to officials, or some official affairs.
  • Falling into a latrine and getting out back - symbol of good luck.
  • Falling on a mountain warns of the loss of a job.
  • The sun and moon are falling from heaven - grief; you may lose your parents.
Sergii Haranenko
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