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Falling Dream Meaning

Feeling of falling

Very often we see ourselves falling in our dreams. A lot of dreambooks interpret falling as a reverse dream meaning future growth, development, both moral and physical. Longo’s dreambook explains this dream the following way: when needed you may not find support that you are expecting and this can have negative influence. Try to take measures in advance.

Feeling of falling in a dream that makes you wake up is a sign of something good - winning, promotion, any kind of luck for you or the members of your family. Seeing yourself regularly falling while you are sleeping can be a sign of low self-esteem, wish to correspond someone’s expectations and your anxiety about this. Falling from height symbolizes the depth of the situation you will get into, the higher you fall the more difficult the situation is.

Falling into abyss is a serious warning about big trouble. The dream is a sign of an unfavorable period and you should rely on yourself now, your mistakes can cost you too much. Pharaons’ dreambook had an opposite explanation of falling dreams - they considered it an end of a negative situation, the end of war, conflict, illness, etc.

Falling from the stairs can have both direct or figurative meaning; make sure that the person who is holding your stairs is reliable. If you had a dream about falling in the elevator, make sure you are moving the right direction and not going to a dead-end. Falling from the balcony can mean obstacles in business, don’t be upset because you will finally get what you want.

Falling from height

Sergii Haranenko

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