Running Up The Stairs Dream Meaning

Did you have to literally run up the stairs in a dream? This is an omen of a successful movement in which personal activity and inexhaustible energy will play the main role.

Why does one dream about having to run up the stairs very quickly? In reality, a holiday will fail, and circumstances will not work out in the most successful way. If in a dream you experienced some tension, this means there will not be enough strength or skills to complete a certain task.

Had a dream that moved too fast, but could not stop? Success comes only through hard work. Did you stumble and fall in the night dream? Own recklessness will cause defeat.

Did you happen to see that the stairs in front of you are broken? There will be an insurmountable barrier. Dream Interpretation strongly advises rethinking and changing plans.

In a dream, did you happen to run on the stairs? Without direction, this is a symbol of progress toward the goal. If you a dream of having to run back and forth, dream interpretation suspects that you can not decide on future plans or even your own place in this life.

Were you unlucky to see a lot of flights of stairs and run on them? Sometimes the vision hints at a brief dullness of the mind or great doubts.

Why do you dream if you had to rush along a moving escalator? This is a sign of imminent changes, and what they will be - depends directly on the direction.

Why do you dream about being lucky to run up the stairs? In reality, expect significant improvement in all areas of life. If the plot was seen in a dream of a sick person, then the dream book guarantees a speedy recovery.

If you climbed up the stairs, this plot means you will find enormous fame, and all initiatives at the moment will be the most successful and profitable.

But jumping up a spiral staircase or with even more unusual design in a dream means that the path to the desired goal will be difficult and unpredictable.

Did you have a dream of running down the stairs? You risk losing self-esteem, dignity and confidence. Seeing yourself going down means that in the near future you will lose your previous positions, a series of troubles will occur in business. The same plot symbolizes disappointment, loss, hard work, sometimes hinting at a long journey.

Why else does one dream of moving down the stairs? Dream Interpretation reminds: it reflects a spiritual search, wandering in the most secret nooks of the soul. Consider that in a dream you literally looked into your own subconscious or past.

    Remember why you decided to run up the stairs. An experienced dream book says the following:
  • For no reason – discovery that will provide you with peace and stability;
  • You were running away from angry animal – rash act;
  • Running away from a gangster – loss, bad luck;
  • From fire – cardinal changes, a disease is possible;
  • From flood – walking away from reality, relations, feelings;
  • Being late for transport – you will fulfill your plans very soon.

Did you dream that you happened to race, catching up with another character? Dream Interpretation tips: stop, otherwise the life race will drive you to despair. Sometimes the plot hints in a dream that you will know unrequited love.

Sergii Haranenko
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