Stairs Dream Meaning

Meaning of staircase in dreams.

According to the interpretation of the dream book, staircase in a dream predicts not only ups and downs, but also many other events. However, in order to understand what this image symbolizes in a dream, it is necessary to clarify the details of the plot: what kind of stairs it was, where it led, how it looked and other nuances.

The simplest and most common explanation of stairway seen in a dream is success and failure, depending on where the steps led: up or down. However, it is not all so simple, the dreambooks state.

Climbing up the stairs, especially fast, is a symbol of successful career advancement. But crawling along it, climbing with difficulty is a sign that you are doing not your job.

To dream of walking on a slippery staircase is a signal that you have embarked on a path that will lead to dubious success. Although, if you managed to quickly run up to the ice hill, the ledges of which were smooth and slippery, then this means you will be able to cope with a task that many can not do.

Miller's dream book attaches great importance not so much to walking up the stairs as to the very fact of being on it. So, for example, if you dreamed that you were standing on a portable stepladder, then try to remember what it was like in a dream. Was the stepladder run-down and shaky? This means that your current situation is very unstable. But Gustav Miller personifies the new stable staircase with the dreamer’s confidence in his own abilities and future.

Jumping down from a high ladder in a dream and not hurting yourself is a sign that you can easily get out of the ridiculous situation that you will fall into.

Do not be alarmed when you see staircase in a dream that goes beyond the clouds, Medea’s dream book advises. The ledges leading to the sky symbolize success and popularity. And according to the Gypsy dream book, rising to the clouds is a symbol of victory. You will be able to rise above problems and competitors.

If your profession is related with fulfilling orders, rising to the clouds by stairs represents plenty of work. Your services will be a success that will bring you good profit.

Did you have a dream about going up to some floor? This is a very good signal, the dream books say. If you, having entered the building, climbed a flight of staircase with wide steps, this means that, having faced a choice, you will make the right decision.

A narrow porch staircase indicates that you are "narrowly thinking." You need to look at the problem from the other side. And those who had to climb up the fire escape in a dream should consider the “fallback option”.

Getting down the steps.

    Interpretation of the plot in which you see a descent down can tell you what to pay attention to in your behavior, or what character traits should be "corrected." The main thing is to remember where you went down in a dream. So, if you head to:
  • The basement – you know how to use your time and money rationally;
  • To the bunker – you are being too distrustful;
  • The subway – you like being spontaneous;
  • To the labyrinth - you are a specialist in intrigues;
  • To the sewerage – you should not keep offences in your soul.

An interesting interpretation is given to the plot in which you sweep the steps is offered by Vanga's dream book. If you see in a dream how you sweep a beautiful, but dirty stairway, then this means that you need to cleanse your soul and consciousness from negative thoughts and feelings.

To clean stairs from dirt, to paint it is a sign of an unexpected decision. Do not be afraid to be spontaneous, sometimes only this way you can find the right solution, Vanga's dream book says.

Sitting on the stairs in a dream.

Probably everyone happened to sit on the stairs at least once in a dream. No? Well, if necessary, you, having studied the interpretations of the Islamic dream book, you will know what is the meaning of such dream.

So, to climb into the attic and sit on the last step, watching the district from a height – is a symbol of the desire to command and rule. If, in addition, the staircase was golden, then there is a risk of being blinded by permissiveness and crossing the boundaries of the rational.

But sitting on the step of the escalator and going up is a sign of easy achievement of your plan. Do not miss the chance to seize the moment, dream book recommends.

Interpretation of different color staircases.

Oddly enough, in explaining why a staircase is seen in a dream, its color can play a significant role. So, for example, red stairs can warn of danger, and black steps can promise separation or trouble. Do you remember what color your staircase was?

  • Red – take your emotions under control;
  • White – you are being too predictable;
  • Yellow – you can set up goals since there is chance to fulfill them;
  • Blue – do not be afraid to ask for help and help yourself;
  • Brown – a new source of income will open;
  • Green – pay attention to your health;
  • Black – do not forget about security measures;
  • Multi-colored – remember that lightheartedness is not always proper.

Stairway from different materials.

It is no secret that there are a great many different lifts, ladders, stepladders. Each of these devices for lowering and lifting is made of some kind of material: stone, metal, wood, etc. To get the correct interpretation of what the staircase means in a dream, specify what it was made of, advise the oracles.

And also, try to recall what emotions you had when you were on the stairs or next to it - this part will slightly open the veil of shyness and tell about your hidden talents.

Most interpreters identify a metal staircase in a dream with the dreamer's strength of spirit, with his determination and desire for victory. However, whether this is so, it is worthwhile to find out in more detail, the Islamic dream book recommends.

So, walking along staircases that echo the steps with a clang of metal is a symbol of perseverance bordering on stubbornness. Did you have a dream about stairwell of metal plates at your front entrance? Most likely, you should learn to be more restrained and compliant.

To see a stone stairway is a sign of calm and unwaveringness. You are not afraid of any surprises and trials - you are ready for anything, Pastor Loff’s dream book states.

Running down the marble staircase is a signal of readiness to give up. However, do not confuse "yield" and "surrender." Sometimes a step to the side is needed to get around an obstacle.

Did you happen to climb a steep concrete staircase, which differs from others in the absence of a railing? Get ready to fight.

    In order not to make a mistake with the interpretation of what the wooden staircase means in a dream, remember what it was like, interpreters recommend. For example, you see:
  • Old moldering stairs – you are taking critics too painfully;
  • Stairs hammered out of logs – you are confidently standing on your feet;
  • Beautiful stairs with carved balusters – you know your price;
  • Very narrow – you infringe on yourself with everything;
  • Too wide – you should be more modest;
  • Long, infinite stairs – it is still a long way to the result you wish.

Climbing up the rope ladder in night vision is a sign of the desire to be happy in one's personal life, and not in the professional field. Did you see how they threw the rope ladder out of the window? You should not worry; problems can be solved by themselves.

If you dreamed that you are making a ladder from a rope, this means that you are ready to connect your life with the person who is now present in it. Brought to sell or throw away the rope ladder? You are not happy with your “mate”.

Why do you dream of a plot where you climb a large glass staircase that collapses behind you? Tsvetkov’s dream book will explain. If the glass fell down with a loud ringing, this is a sign that your miscalculation or error will have resonance and publicity.

And the Female Dream Book associates movement on glass stairs with the illusory nature of events. It seems to you that everything is going according to the plan, but in fact, everything is not so smooth. Think about how to fix the situation.

Fear of heights and unusual stairs in dreams.

Freud's dream book equates dreams, in which a sleeping person has a fear of heights, to the dreamer's real fears.

So, for example, to see in a dream how a staircase breaks or falls beneath you – is a symbol of the panic fear of parting with a loved one. You are afraid that you do not correspond to the status of the chosen one; therefore you are trying to jump “above your head”.

Fear that someone might push you off the stairs is a sign of fear that an opponent or rival will appear and “push” you, Freud’s dream book explains.

If you rode the stairs in a dream, for example, in a washbowl, this means you are not afraid of changes in reality. You can easily start any business all over again, even the most troublesome and boring ones.

Sliding down without feeling shaking is a symbol of the ability to adapt to the situation. But to roll down and jump so that your teeth are shaking is a hint at the need to become more serious and responsible.

It is worth turning to the French dream book for an explanation of dream staircase with non-standard steps. If you see round steps in a dream, this means you should rethink your attitude to your surroundings.

The steps of triangular shape hint at a too “sharp” tongue and a quarrelsome character. But if you saw steps made of paper that could break with the slightest pressure on them, then you should pay attention to the feelings and needs of your households. Steps made of clouds or steam predict disappointment in ideal.

Sergii Haranenko
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