Saliva Dream Meaning

Drooling rarely occurs in a dream. This is a good enough reason to take the interpretation seriously. Having learned what this symbol means in a dream, you will greatly increase your chances of avoiding a silly situation or an unnecessary quarrel.

When you dream that you constantly wanted to spit, the Wanderer's dream interpreter advised us to act immediately. Ideas overwhelm you, you realize that they are good, cast aside unnecessary doubts.

If someone decided to spit on you in a dream, the French dream book is encouraging that help and support will come in time. When you happen to be in an institution where it is customary to spit on the floor, the Eastern oracle promises losses and reproaches from others.

As for dreams of saliva with blood, the interpretation does not sound very encouraging. That is why the American psychologist Miller gives several recommendations on how to deal with such a symbol. Sometimes saliva with blood signals that a latent disease undermines your body. It is very desirable to identify and eliminate the causes of weakness. Often saliva with blood means extreme fatigue. Irritability can cause quarrels at work and at home.

Sometimes it happens in a dream that the long-awaited kiss turns out to be slobbery and unpleasant. Why did I dream of such a plot and what does it mean? Idiomatic dream book will tell you. The so-called kiss of Judas is calling disguise in a dream. It seems that a greedy flatterer from your close circle has declared a hunt on you.

This is not the only explanation for why a kiss turns to be too wet in a dream. The sleeper may be amazed at his own shameful behavior. Who would have thought that he was capable of falling so low.

The unpleasant kiss that you dreamed of indicates a hidden conflict, most often with someone from your family.

    The Dream Interpretation by birthdate interprets what drooling means by the sleeping person’s birth date:
  • For those born in spring, the symbol warns against excessive self-confidence;
  • For people born in the summer it is recommended to take the initiative;
  • Autumn dreamers can get harmed by credulity;
  • Winter birthday people should be encouraged to keep fit.

The ancient Persian oracle Taflisi will tell you what happens if you dream of excess of saliva. If drooling in a dream literally flows from the mouth, the dreamer will be able to suddenly get rich without any effort. But the happiness will be short-lasting. At some point, wealth will flow away as suddenly as it came.

If you dreamed that during an emotional conversation, saliva came from your interlocutor’s mouth and spray on you, you should be on the alert in reality. This person is plotting evil. He is not at all as awkward as he seemed in a dream.

If someone else's saliva has stained an item that belongs to the dreamer, in reality he risks becoming a victim of fraud, naively falling into the old trick.

The Noble dream book explains what other people's saliva means in a dream in its own way. The symbol portends a scandal or a silly situation that will adversely affect the reputation of the sleeping person.

When you happen to see a slobbering child in a dream, the dream book warns that the mood inherent in children threatens to overtake you at the most inopportune moment. Do not let moodiness, confusion or helplessness prevail over common sense.

It is curious to know the Gypsy interpretation of why child's drooling appears in a dream. Dream Interpretation reminds that it doesn’t suit adults being childish. The dreamer's behavior may be misinterpreted.

If you happen to see a competitor drool, the Modern dream book promises that you can win the rivalry. When in a dream you have to see how someone's saliva is flowing, there is a chance to demonstrate your character traits in reality, both positive and destructive.

Sergii Haranenko
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