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Interpretation of a dream about blood

As the majority of dreambooks state, seeing dreams about blood predict issues connected with your relatives, unfinished deeds of your ancestors, clan connections. In order to have the correct interpretation of dream about blood you should try to remember the smallest details.

Dreams about your own blood.

Such dream is interpreted as a coming of your relatives soon. It is difficult to say for sure whether this visit will be pleasant or not, but a lot of dream meanings agree that this plot brings some arguing between relatives. Bleeding in a dream can be explained as unraveling a mysterious ball of your clan’s secrets. The dreamer may find information about a close relative who he had no idea about because the family was keeping him in secret. The dream can be precursor of new family relations and bonds. Your own blood on clothes warns about thoughtless action of your relative; it can cause the dreamer his reputation or great financial loss. If a young girl saw blood on her underwear and it was not connected with menstruation, this dream means that her current boyfriend has no serious intentions and is not very interested in her.

Blood from different body parts.

If the dreamer had blood from his mouth, this is a symbol that he will soon have to protect his point of view before his relatives. This dream can also be interpreted as a quarrel with your family; as a result you will be sorry about the words you said in warm blood.

Spitting blood in a dream is a warning about a serious illness; you should take tests and take care of your nerves. Sometimes this plot can indicate despair, trying to find the way out of difficult situation, a wish to acquit yourself and your actions. If a girl sees her boyfriend crock with blood, this means they will soon get acquainted with each other’s families. A dream when your husband was coughing with blood is a sign that he is being untruthful and not completely sincere. It is possible that he has relations with another woman or is thinking about adultery. The woman should analyze the situation, change your image, go for sports and paying more attention to your relations.

If an unknown person was coughing blood in your dream, you should currently avoid new acquaintances and doubtful gatherings. Blood from throat is telling about harsh judgments during an argument. Blood in the mouth is a symbol of misunderstandings with your relatives about heritage, financial issues or property. Blood from the lip indicates that the person regrets what he recently said. Blood from gums in a dream is a warning about health of your family members. They should avoid long-distance trips, the family should hold together, children should be under strict control.

Blood on the head is an indication of real pressure from people in higher positions. The dream can predict an unpleasant conversation with a partner for women. If you see blood streaming from the eyes, this is a symbol of disappointment in someone close to you. The dream can also mean deceit that will be very painful for you. Blood from the ear can be a prediction of good news that will stimulate you for right actions. You can also hear some good news from your long-distance relatives. Blood from ears can mean lies that her partner is telling her for an unmarried young woman.

Blood from belly button is a bad sign warning about health problems of one of your relatives and even life threat. This dream can also mean that his wife is cheating on him if it was seen by a man. Blood from the belly is also a very unfavorable sign bringing health problems, shocking news, financial loss. Legs in blood symbolize a number of deeds the person has to finish urgently.

Woman bleeding

Menstrual blood has a number of interpretations which you can find here. In general, it is a symbol of purification, renewal, new stage in life and career. The dream can also prove that a young woman is ready to have a child (of course, except the cases when pregnancy is unwanted). Menstrual blood seen by men is a symbol of passion and he should have a good think about a woman who can cause such strong feelings. Another meaning of menstrual blood seen at men’s legs, for example, is a rebuke from his boss or problems with partners at work. A pregnant woman who saw a dream that she has menstruation can be sure that the labor will go smoothly. Seeing a child in blood is just a sign that a pregnant woman is worried about her baby’s health. This is an unfavorable sign for an unmarried woman indicating problems in personal life. Miscarriage with blood is interpreted as changes in dreamer’s life, purification, renewal and cutting off something useless.

Different actions with blood

If you happened to drink blood in your dream, beware of dishonest people; you should also postpone buying property now. A dream about blood transfusion is a warning about illness of a relative who will need your support. Blood donation is a sign of compassion to a difficult life situation of a person close to you. Taking blood from vein in your dream is a symbol of problems with government or other authorities.

Writing a note with blood can mean that someone slandered about your friend and you believed this lies; this can also indicate intrigues of a person of the opposite sex. Washing blood away means that someone is asking you for help but you are not able to do anything and feel very upset because of this. Blood analysis in a dream shows that the person is uncertain about his abilities and powers and needs support. An injector with blood warns about illness of someone in the family.

Blood on snow is a prediction of coming threat. Seeing blood on the floor is a good sign promising a rich finding, lottery winning or winning in casino. A dream about meat with blood advises not to take the proposal of one of your relatives about a trip, new work, etc. A dream about blood on the knife is a symbol of threat from people whom you trust. If a sick person sees a dream about black blood, he will get well soon; for a healthy person this dream brings minor problems that will not trouble him much.