Seeing Yourself In A Coffin Dream Meaning

As a rule, seeing yourself alive in a coffin predicts a person strong health and longevity. If there are other people present in the dream, it should be regarded as a warning of betrayal or gossip that can ruin the dreamer’s life.

If you saw yourself alive in a casket, this is a symbol of good health; if you dreamed that you were dead in a coffin, this may mean a fateful meeting.

The American psychologist Miller believed that seeing yourself alive in a coffin could mean that in reality there is a possibility of becoming a participant in a family conflict.

    The founder of psychoanalysis Freud interprets this dream based on the characteristics of the coffin:
  • being in a beautiful coffin - portends wealth or a constant source of income;
  • being in the dilapidated casket - prophecies poverty or sudden ruin;
  • lying in a closed coffin means insurmountable obstacles to the goal.

Vanga believed that seeing yourself alive in a coffin symbolizes a complete rethinking of life and the need to continue moving towards the goal.

If in a dream you saw yourself in a coffin and at the same time in real life everything is fine with you, then this portends a long life and the onset of a new important stage. Getting out of the coffin – means delaying the fulfillment of your desire.

If in reality something worries you, the dream may be a sign that everything should not be taken so seriously. A closed coffin is a warning about a worsening situation due to nervousness and wrong decisions.

What were your actions in a dream?

  • seeing yourself in the coffin from the side - longevity;
  • lying in a casket - good luck and wealth;
  • sleeping in a casket - difficulties at work;
  • getting up from a coffin - protecting your interests in court;
  • getting out of a coffin - disappointment;
  • sitting in a coffin - means thinking about the meaning of life;
  • standing in a casket - successfully overcoming difficulties;
  • waking up in a coffin - new achievements;
  • feeling like you are in a coffin - doubts about the correctness of the choice;
  • opening the coffin lid from the inside - disappointment in the profession;
  • coming round in a coffin - the emergence of secrets.

Being in a coffin in a dream details:

  • being in a glass coffin - an unstable position in life;
  • seeing yourself in a casket in a wedding dress - an unhappy marriage or the likelihood of divorce;
  • being in a coffin without shoes - obstacles on the life path;
  • being in a coffin with the dead - means holiday and fun.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about being in a coffin in a dream?

  • Seeing yourself alive in a coffin and crying at the same time portends trouble at work or the machinations of envious people.
  • The dream in which you lie in a closed coffin prophesies a serious illness to the dreamer or his relatives.
  • For older people, visiting their own funeral in a dream means fear of death or predicts the death of a loved one.
  • Lying alive in the same coffin with a dead father speak of unfavorable changes in all areas of life.
  • Being in a casket with the deceased mother - means self-doubt and the appearance of fears.

Here are the Top-5 positive dreams where you saw yourself in a coffin:

  • Being in a coffin decorated with flowers - such a dream portends a well-paid job and financial independence.
  • Being in a coffin and standing right next to it - predicts a big holiday or a relative’s wedding.
  • Falling and getting out of it - the imminent arrival of dear guests.
  • Seeing yourself alive in a coffin in a morgue predicts a trip to the sea.
  • Being in a coffin at the cemetery - a new romantic relationship.
Sergii Haranenko
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