Own Funeral Dream Meaning

Dreaming about your funeral is a good symbol. This is a sign of reconciliation after a quarrel, a happy event and even a wedding. Dreaming of your funeral usually predicts the end of a long period of bad luck. If you saw your own burial after an accident, this plot means getting rid of bad habits.

According to Miller, if you saw your own funeral in a bright sunny day, this image predicts a long and happy life and strong health.

If the weather was bad during your funeral and it was even raining, this is a symbol of stagnation in business, bad news or illness.

The Islamic dreambook considers that if you saw a grave prepared for burial you will soon move to a new house.

If the dreamer who is currently far from his home visited his own funeral in a dream, this image promises coming back soon. If you are currently at home, this dream, on the contrary, promises and a long-distance journey.

If you happened to be at your own burial and see the sad faces of others in a dream, this means you will enter a company of hostile people.

Being at the funeral wake means that some conflict will be resolved amicably. To be buried alive in a dream means committing an irreparable mistake.

If you dreamed that you got out of the grave, then with great effort, you will be able to get out of some difficult situation.

Getting ready for your own funeral in a dream promises long living and wedding coming soon. This also means that some life stage will come to an end and it is better to think your future plans over.

It is also good to get ready for your own wake in a dream; the image predicts luck and success.

Inviting guests for your own funeral means that the case, which you have long considered hopeless, will turn into triumph in all respects. Gathering friends and relatives for such a sad reason predicts a successful marriage of convenience.

Gathering unknown people for your funeral in a dream predicts difficulties in relations with society.

    You can get detailed interpretation of the dream about own funeral if you remember what it looked like:
  • Own funeral with volleys and orchestra - failure in love.
  • Too rich funeral - dishonor, shame, gossip.
  • Modest and even poor own funeral - success, victory, luck.
  • Seeing mourners at your funeral - joy, fun.
  • Funeral procession - delay, forced wait.
  • Dream of a hearse - changes, marriage.

Worst of all if you happened to hear a funeral chime in a dream. The dream interpretation believes that you will receive extremely tragic news. It is also a sign of spiritual emptiness and weariness of life.

Seeing your own funeral and yourself in a coffin predicts a period of quarrels and scandals.

To lie in a coffin in a dream - to family squabbles and bad luck in business. Sometimes the same vision warns that a child will be born from relatives or acquaintances.

Dream Interpretation calls for a thorough understanding of some issue or situation if you happened to see your own bones in a dream. To see your bones in a dream means that a problem will emerge from the past. In addition, the dreambooks promise an interesting, but not the most pleasant adventure.

    Actions in a dream about your funeral:
  • seeing your funeral in the rain - a pleasant surprise from a loved one;
  • preparing for your funeral - receiving remuneration for the work done;
  • going to your funeral - debt;
  • dressing for your funeral - a conflict with neighbors;
  • crying at your funeral - fatigue from routine work;
  • inviting someone to your funeral - the need to defend one's point of view;
  • being present at your funeral - participating in an adventure;
  • burying oneself and not seeing the face - the appearance of a secret admirer;
  • looking from the side how you died, and then came to life - drug or alcohol addiction;
  • helping dig your grave - getting rid of disturbing thoughts;
  • seeing how relatives say goodbye - a chance meeting with a person who owes you money;
  • watching how they bury your coffin - hard physical labor.
    What are the Top-5 negative dreams of own funeral?
  • Seeing your funeral to the sounds of a funeral march means difficulties on the life path.
  • Your own funeral to cheerful music - serious dangers to life.
  • If you dreamed that ill-wishers came to your funeral, this means betrayal of your loved ones.
  • Many people who died in reality at your funeral - causeless fears.
  • Your funeral and the reburial of your parents at the same time - quarrels with them because of irresponsibility.
    What are the Top-5 positive your funeral dream meanings?
  • Waking up in a coffin during your funeral speaks of understanding with your loved one.
  • Seeing friends at your funeral means receiving important advice from them.
  • Communicating with a priest at your funeral - a period of calm.
  • Your funeral with another dead person - an interesting acquaintance.
  • A funeral service in a small church and a modest funeral - financial stability.
Sergii Haranenko
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