Sex With Male Friend Dream Meaning

How to interpret sex dreams about friends? Very often dreams about sex with a friend are seen by people who either have no intimacy in real life or think only about sex. But many dreambooks state that such plots only prove your tight connection with this person.

According to Miller, dreams about sex with your male friend represent the dreamer’s wish to become closer to this person, but not in intimate meaning. If you had a dream about sex with your ex-classmate, the relations with whom got spoiled because you wanted intimacy and he didn’t, this plot means unfulfilled dreams that you still dream of.

If dream sex with your former friend didn’t bring satisfaction, the dreambooks recommend thinking about changing your plans because you might be moving in the wrong direction.

    If you remember the type of sex you had, you will get better interpretation of the night plot:
  • Anal – you are not sure that this friend treats you well;
  • Oral – you completely trust this person and tell him all your secrets;
  • Traditional – this plot is telling that you will be ready to sacrifice if your friend need this;
  • Group – you have a friendly jealousy of him to other people.

Making love to your best friend in a dream means that your relations will move to new more trustworthy level. If your husband’s or boyfriend’s friend offered you sex and you agreed, this plot means you have wishes about which you do not have enough courage to say.

If you had a dream that your boyfriend guessed that you are cheating on him and made a scandal, this plot means that he will pleasantly surprise you in real life.

Sex with a deceased friend mean that insults of the past will remind of themselves and new ones will be added to them. If you felt awkward during an intimacy with a deceased comrade in a dream, this means that someone of your beloved ones will make you worry soon, revealing one of your secrets.

Sergii Haranenko
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