Sex With Son Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you had a dream about having intercourse with your son? This dream has various explanations of meanings from the authors of various editions of dream books. In order to give a detailed and extensive answer to the question of why you dream of having sex with your son, we have collected information for you from the most famous and proven editions of dream books.

A dream in which you indulged in sexual pleasures suggests that you subconsciously want to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

In the dream books having sex with your son means feeling the heaviness of thoughts, tormenting yourself with a sense of guilt. The plot also predicts good and joyful news about your family and friends, people you care about. Sometimes it means missing people close to you.

According to Modern dreambook, having sex with your son in a dream is a sign of good news about people surrounding you. Sons are a symbol of pleasant and kind emotions. Appearing in dreams, they promise good and joyful news. Talking to your son in a dream - means enrichment and prosperity, and having a showdown – is a sign of good and pleasant news.

According to Miller, having sex with your son in a dream means to feel the heaviness of thoughts, torment yourself with a sense of guilt. People come across images of relatives when they are weighed down by difficult worries. In some cases, they arise from feelings of guilt towards close people. To finally start living in the present, it is recommended to let go of this feeling.

What if the dream seems bad? Miller did not recommend giving significance to such dreams. They do not come true literally and directly, in terms of their content. Scary images almost never foreshadow troubles and misfortunes.

If you dream of having sex with your son, you will miss and long for your loved ones. In Vanga's interpretations, the son personifies the longing for family warmth, hearth and comfort.

Intimacy in a dream reflects emotionally missing sensations in reality. If dreamed of having sex in a dream and you got the proper pleasure - the dream book indicates that your real relationship is in complete harmony and order. If sex in a dream did not bring pleasure, then you should behave with extreme caution. You may experience moral and ethical issues.

Dreaming about incest also means you will have to rethink your past relationship in order to make mistake in the future.

Incest, seen or practiced in a dream symbolizes the search for identity and ego. The dream of incest can also mean erotic desires. Incest, in fairytale symbolism, can also represent the union of the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality.

Incest dreams can occur during adolescence, when you are no longer a child, but not yet an adult. In this case, the dream of incest may reflect the union between a child and an adult who simultaneously reside in you, in your mind.

The dream of incest can also arise from a conflict with a family member, in which case the dream of incest will be an attempt to resolve the conflict through dream.

A dream about incest with your child means that you are always trying to influence him, show your will towards him, impose your choice on him, while you feel that he can avoid your influence.

Sergii Haranenko
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