Pleasure Dream Meaning

Why does someone dream about pleasure at night? Dream Interpretations promise: there is a great period ahead - luck, successful course of business, joy, happiness, pleasant communication. But sometimes the plot about delight in a dream is an omen of small disappointments, the danger of losing something dear to the sleeping person.

Did you have a dream of enjoying a certain event? Miller's dream book promises that there will be a favorable turn in business.

Did you enjoy the rest and got pleasure from the entertainment in a dream? All your endeavors will be successfully completed.

Most often, the feeling of pleasure in a dream means that some kind of joy will soon happen, good changes are coming, and you will have a happy personal life.

Did you have a dream in which you enjoyed swimming in the sea? The plot is a harbinger of uplift.

In a dream, you experienced great joy, but saw that you were surrounded by people who have sad faces? You will be able to show the best sides of your character and develop the existing potential.

On the contrary, to feel sadness and see that others have happy faces in a dream – predicts the upcoming small disappointments.

Did you get pleasure eating bread in a dream? This dream means you will enjoy communicating with a new acquaintance. You, despite a short acquaintance, feel goodwill, spiritual closeness. And you interlocutor will have similar feelings.

What does it mean if you had a dream of eating bread and enjoying its taste? Loff's dream book suggests: you have decided to make significant life changes, since negative emotions begin to overflow. Changing even small things will help you avoid outbursts of aggression.

In general, food, the absorption process of which brings pleasant emotions in a dream, promises well-being, correction of one's shortcomings.

    For a more accurate interpretation of the dream, remember what gave you pleasure:
  • contemplation of beautiful landscapes is a sign of great success;
  • communication with nice people - good news;
  • meeting with a loved one - pleasant events;
  • when you saw pictures of a talented artist - joyful events related to self-realization;
  • business success - good luck at work.

What is the meaning of a dream about kissing with rapture? The Lunar dream book says: there are changes ahead that will fill your life with joy and tranquility.

Moaning with pleasure – means unmarried people will have romantic acquaintances, pleasant connections. Married people will have to resist the intrigues of enemies.

Ecstasy from sex with your beloved person in a dream means: you have complete harmony, understanding, well-being.

Did you have a dream about the pleasure of having sex with a stranger? Such a plot promises the success of future endeavors with the participation of a stranger.

Did you experience real passion in a dream? You will finally find time to take a good break from business and have fun.

But kissing without pleasure in a dream means: there will be a break in relations and ties with loved ones.

Did you have a dream about pleasing someone else? A dream promises separation, strife, conflicts, even financial losses.

Was the dream vision about pleasure that you have never experienced before? Chasing easy money, you can lose something very expensive. It is worth calculating the risks carefully when the case turns up to make a lot of money with a little work.

Sergii Haranenko
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