Son Dream Meaning

Seeing a dream about birth of a son is a symbol of happiness that no one can destroy. If the newborn was cheerful, beautiful and healthy, then life will be favorable to you as never before. You will be able to achieve what you so much wanted and keep it for many years.

If a pregnant woman had a boy in a dream, then in reality she will also become the mother of a son.

For a man to know that his wife gave birth to a boy means, in reality, to experience fear for his reputation at an unconscious level. To give birth to the baby himself - to victory over fears tormenting for a long time.

If you dreamed that your pregnant daughter gave birth to a son, get ready for great accomplishments. But, the Universal Dream Interpretation warns that in order to carry out your plan, it is necessary to enlist the support of loved ones in advance. Otherwise, nothing will work out.

If an unmarried woman was able to give birth to a baby-boy in her dream, then in reality there will be a rumor about her excessive licentiousness. In a dream, breastfeeding the future heir - to a successful investment of funds. The Modern dream book is convinced that the money invested will bring good returns.

If you find out that your little son is dead in a dream, there will be a change for the better in reality. The plot in which your deceased child lies in a coffin is interpreted the same way.

The explanation of what a dream of burying a drowned son means is given by Aesop. The predictor is convinced that such a dream promises only happiness. Another option that funeral of a deceased son may be seen in a dream as a sign of a long life, not overshadowed by disease.

Seeing the grave of your own child in a dream is a good sign. This means that your offspring will achieve a lot, and you can be proud of him. If the son drowned in a dream, then in reality your help will be required. Try to understand the troubles and experiences of your child. Do not repel him at the most difficult moment in life.

The deceased son was dreamed alive - it’s a symbol of hard work. Dream Interpreter Grishina predicts low-paying hard work, which you will be forced to take because of difficult life circumstances.

Did you have a dream that your son was killed and you see him dead? Such a plot is a warning that there may be troubles in reality. Be as cautious and careful as possible. If you yourself killed your son in a dream, this plot means you may destroy your happiness with your own hands in reality. To see the deceased quite often is a sign that it is necessary to remember the relatives who died earlier and visit the cemetery.

Seeing your already grown-up son as a little boy is a sign a change. The Universal dream book advises not to be afraid of the new, but to move forward boldly. Be sure that you will find many happy moments, especially if the dreamed boy was cheerful and beautiful. If an adult was seen little in a dream, then you are in difficult times hoping for help of other people. This is not bad, but note that there are not always people willing to help.

If you are dreaming of your son in his childhood, probably, there is some unfulfilled business, because of which you can not move forward. Is the child trying to talk to you? Listen to what words are pronounced exactly. Vanga’s dream book does not exclude that they can be prophetic.

If a son was kidnapped in a dream, then you should not take different situations too seriously in real life. A Modern dream book recommends being simpler. If your husband stole your son, think, maybe you are influencing their communication too much in reality. If the relationship between the two men develops smoothly, do not intervene excessively. Losing a son in a dream is a sign of disappointment. It also explains the dream in which the offspring simply suddenly disappeared.

Are you dreaming that you decided to marry your son and are present at his wedding? Miller's dream book is convinced that in reality you will be very proud of him. Did you have a dream that your son is going to get married, but he is not cheerful and looked unhappy? You should stop interfering in his personal life and impose his opinion. Trust in his decision. Dream Interpretation of Shereminsky is sure that only this way he can become truly happy.

To see your son sick in a dream means to receive bad news. If he is so sick that he is crying in pain, get ready to face serious misfortunes. The Modern dream book predicts disappointment, misfortune and need. A beaten crying man may also be seen in a dream if he needs your help or wise advice. If you yourself have beaten the offspring, then you will negatively affect his fate. Perhaps this influence will be unintentional.

The son’s girlfriend who was seen in a dream can help understand the true state of affairs in the relationship between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law. If the ex-girlfriend of your son hugs you, this means you felt sincere for her and would like to return their relationship in reality. The interpretation of dreams also makes it possible to understand why a son’s non-existent beloved is seen in a dream. This story warns that everything will turn out very well in a man’s personal life.

Did you dream that you beat your son, and he was covered in blood? The Universal dream book warns that practically insoluble disagreements may arise between you. In many ways, the outcome of the conflict will depend on you. Quarreling with your son due to the fact that he often returns home drunk predicts disappointment and worry.

If one dreams that his son is drowning, this means that he will be in distress. A sinking blood relative can predict serious changes.

Kissing a girlfriend's naked adult son in a dream means to establish forbidden love relationships. Dream Interpretation of Grishina advises you to think about whether you need this connection.

Sergii Haranenko
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