Skyscraper Dream Meaning

What does a sky-scraper symbolize in dreams? A beautiful, well-kept multi-storey building in a dream is considered a harbinger of the grandiose undertakings of a sleeping person, evidence of great goals and achievements. The dreambook interprets a skyscraper in dreams with the dreamer's far-reaching plans, which can only be fulfilled with the correct prioritization.

A skyscraper in Miller's dream book promises travel.

The dream of a grand building with extraordinary exterior and landscape portends a prosperous life, exciting discoveries and travels across foreign continents, according to Miller. Seeing yourself on top of a skyscraper in a dream embodies the success and attainability of the tasks set.

Being on the roof of a high-rise building - success is in your hands!

Medea's dream book connects the roof of a multi-storey building in a dream with the mind and imaginative perception of the outside world. Therefore, when one dreams of standing at the top of a skyscraper reflects the dreamer's great outlook, the recognition and trust of others.

According to the interpretation of the medium Miss Hasse, standing in a dream on the roof of a skyscraper reflects the inner satisfaction of a sleeping person, the stability of his life positions and beliefs. The dream vision gives the "green light" for the embodiment of new beginnings and ideas of the dreamer.

But to see a person you know at the top of the multi-storey building, according to the Wanderer's dream book, means temporary cooling of the relationship with the dreamed character. For lovers, such an image in a dream promises problems in mutual understanding and acceptance of each other.

Climbing to the top or ways of implementing your plans.

In the Esoteric Dream Book there is an interpretation of why one dreams of climbing onto the roof of a high-rise structure. So, according to esotericists, a dream characterizes spiritual growth and radical redistribution of the dreamer's life positions. For business people, taking the elevator on a skyscraper in a dream portends rapid career takeoff and beneficial cooperation with business partners.

For a young lady, going up to the floor or the roof of a sky-scraper using a high-speed elevator, promises an unexpected surprise gift from a secret admirer. For married ladies, a dream ride on an elevator speaks about the opportunity to experience extraordinary sensations and pleasure in the intimate sphere.

Riding up an escalator inside a skyscraper is a sign of laziness, rigidity of the dreamer's consciousness. A dream is a kind of warning that pushes you to take action.

Falling from a skyscraper in a dream represents doubt.

The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation explains why one dreams of falling from a high-rise building with internal tension, fears of the dreamer. But to stand at the top of the building and stepping voluntarily into the abyss, speaks of the willingness of the sleeping person to take risky actions in order to implement his plan.

The dreamer, who falls from the roof of a skyscraper in a dream, has doubts about the correctness of the decision in reality. Such circumstances can become disastrous and lead to the collapse of a newly started enterprise. A girl who sees a loved one falling from a high-rise building can be sure of the sincerity of her partner.

A falling skyscraper is a harbinger of quarrels.

Watching a skyscraper collapse in a dream symbolizes temporary family troubles with a dream book. Seeing how it is being built means an opportunity to build harmonious relationships with your soulmate.

Sergii Haranenko
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