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Interpretation of a dream about falling from height

Any fall is associated with obstacles on your way to achieve your plans. The falling dream interpretation is not always negative. The action can promise a promotion, a dizzying success with the opposite sex. According to Miller, falling from height and getting hurt is a symbol of betrayal of your close friends and of possible loss. If you were very scared during the fall from big height, this means you will have to overcome a number of obstacles but you will definitely handle this.

As for Dr. Freud, he associates any falling with a risk to become a victim of sexual harassment. This plot symbolizes unconscious fear to lose his manhood if seen by a man. For those who started their business from nothing a dream about falling from heights shows their fear to lose what they have. Unconscious fears of losing do not let us enjoy our life. People who were once hurt in love, dreams about falling from height are showing they fears to start romantic relations again. Your unsuccessful love experience doesn’t let you open your heart to another person.

Falling from big heights can represent a number of obstacles on your way to success. If someone pushed you, this is a warning about a vile and unprofessional person near you. You are risking your reputation and financial stability if you trust any work to such person.

If the dreamer climbed on the highest rock in order to jump into water, this means he is very well aware of the risks. If the fall ended successfully, your risky endeavor will end well. If you were climbing up but didn’t manage to get to the top and fell, this means that the endeavor you are planning is not for you and it will not be a success. Before starting you should evaluate your abilities and chances properly.

A Jewish dreambook predicts promotion at work, growth of your influence and authority if you see a dream about falling from height. Falling from height and not being hurt is usually considered a positive symbol. Such plot gives women a hint that they should trust their intuition; it will not let you down and help avoid unpleasant situation.

    The details of the fall:
  • If you fell into the sea – predicts major life changes;
  • Landing on the ground or rocks – overcoming difficult obstacles;
  • Jumping but not falling – big luck;
  • If you managed to fly in a dream – this is a promise of protection of people with influence.