Someone Else’s Mother Dream Meaning

In order to understand the meaning of dreams about someone else’s mother, you should pay attention to your relation to this woman in real life.

If a young woman sees her boyfriend’s mother in a dream, this is a reflection of her fear of the parent of her beloved one. Maybe this plot is connected with the upcoming acquaintance with his parents.

If a young woman sees acquaintance with her boyfriend’s mother, this image means that the planned event will go smoothly. If your partner’s mother treated you well in a dream, this plot means the acquaintance will go well and predicts coming matchmaking soon.

Seeing your ex boyfriend’s mother in a dream is a sign that you are nostalgic for the past relations and can not forget your previous lover. If a girl sees her ex boyfriend’s mother and grandmother, looking angrily at her, this plot means that someone sets up your current partner against you. If his mother was beating you in a dream, you should be ready for problems at work.

If a young man sees his girlfriend’s mother in a dream, this image can be considered a proof that he wants to join his life with this girl. This dream also means that there will be a person in his life who will take part of his responsibilities and will help cope with problems and obstacles. If the girlfriend’s mother advised you something in a dream, you should remember these words and follow her advice.

If you see your godmother in a dream, (and on church measures she is considered to be the person’s second mother), such plot means positive changes in the dreamer’s life, successful beginning of some endeavor or new stage in life.

A dream about your female friend’s mother can represent your worries for this friend and wish to help her and support. Your male friend’s mother seen in a dream can be interpreted as a warning about danger and a chance to help your friend in trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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