Interpretation Of A Dream About Your Mother

Very often a person gets a number of hints in a dream that can help him solve the current situation. Sometimes our dreams are the reflection of our fears or hopes for the future. The image of mother in a dream has a number of interpretations depending on events and situation.

    Your own mother:
  • Dreams about your own mother have a number of different interpretations. Sometimes the dream can tell you about a very important event that will happen soon;
  • it can predict some beginning or shows your being ready for motherhood or wish to start a new life;
  • it can also show your need of protection or advice.

If you saw your mother in routine everyday environment, this is favorable sign indicating stability in work and relations. This plot may predict fulfillment of your plans and wishes.

If you saw your mother joyful and happy, this means there will be good time for making your plans come true soon. The dream states there is a chance to have a new family now, or reconcile with a person with whom you had a long quarrel. This plot is a positive sign for businessman indicating stability and income growth.

If you happened to talk to your mother in a dream and remember the topic of your conversation, you should pay attention to this. Usually such dreams may have a hint how to solve the problems that you have.

According to Miller, if a young married woman sees her mother in a dream, this means she will have a happy marriage. If a married man saw his mother in a dream, he should pay a visit to his closest relatives.

If you saw a dream about your mother being ill in the hospital, such plot predicts difficult life situation. If she feels ill and is at home, this plot means your friends and close relatives will help you cope with your problems.

If a young man is a starting businessman and sees his mother ill in a dream, this image shows a threat for his business: he will have competitors and ill-wishers who will significantly lessen up profit.

Seeing your mother drunk in a dream can have two different interpretations. If your parent really often drinks a lot, then this plot is just a reflection of a current situation and your worries about her wellbeing. A dream about your drunken mother, who doesn’t drink much alcohol in real life, characterizes the dreamer as a broken gutless person who can not resist the circumstances and people who use him.

Seeing your mom looking beautiful in a dream is a good sign symbolizing welfare for the family and a chance to fulfill your wishes.

A young mother in a dream symbolizes the renewal of spirit, as well as the redistribution of responsibilities, changing your lifestyle and thinking. It is a favorable period for all important and significant beginnings.

If a man called for his mother in a dream, this is a symbol that he requires help and support from his family. This plot can also mean that a married man doesn’t get enough warmth that he needs so much from his wife.

If a man was hugging his mother in a dream, this is a sign that he wants to protect his family from any troubles. If a young woman was hugging her mother in a dream, this plot predicts meeting with her distant relatives soon.

If you had a dream about your mother’s wedding, you should remember the details in order to understand the meaning of the image. If an unmarried girl sees her mother in wedding dress, this is a symbol of coming marriage or acquaintance with her future husband.

For those dreamers whose parents are divorced and whose mother has a new admirer, a dream about her getting married is a symbol of unconscious jealousy.

If you were looking for your mother in a dream, this plot is a sign of remorse that you didn’t pay enough time and attention to your parent. Maybe you will have to separate with your mother because of a long-distance trip or moving to another city.

Sergii Haranenko
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