Sultan Dream Meaning

Why is the sultan seen in a dream? The dream book gives ambiguous interpretations to this image. In a dream, he can promise success, wealth, responsibility, a prominent position in society. But sometimes a sultan in a dream points out: a man is overly self-confident about his sexual abilities, and to a woman he promises a meeting with a womanizer.

Did you have a dream of being a sultan? This means no one can shake your positions at work, in business or other activities.

Why is the sultan seen in a dream? The Islamic dream book calls this image the personification of power and firm decisions. Perhaps the dreamer will have to receive public recognition deservedly, or take a high post.

A vision of a sultan in a dream portends: an important decision that will affect not only the sleeping person, but also strangers is ahead. Therefore, one should weigh everything, think over and calculate the consequences.

What does it mean if you dream about being a sultan? The dream interpretation believes you will be able to acquire extensive knowledge, especially in the field of jurisprudence. You can build your future activities based on this information.

Seeing a Muslim ruler in a dream portends: the position of the dreamer at work will be strengthened. The management will assess his ability and offer a promotion.

Bowing to a sultan, expressing respect - according to the dream book, means that a person will be lucky, there will be a happy turn of events, successful undertakings.

Did you dream that he was having a council with his associates? In reality you will receive significant benefits by listening to practical recommendations.

What is the meaning of a dream that the sultan sets out on a military campaign with his army and retinue? The dream interpretation tells us: unexpected happiness lies ahead.

Did a man happen to see himself in this role? This means he overestimates his sexual ability given some success. But such self-confidence can play a cruel joke.

For a woman to be loved by the Sultan in a dream is a symbol of her sexual dissatisfaction. None of the previous partners satisfied her completely, but she hopes to meet a man with whom she will be fully compatible sexually.

An image dreamed of by a woman warns of a meeting with a womanizer. You should try not to trust blindly all the words, compliments of the man, in order to avoid disappointment.

Another interpretation of the dream about the Sultan for ladies is the following: you will soon find out about the betrayal of your spouse.

    Remember how the sultan behaved in a dream:
  • domineering - you need to perform a responsible and important task;
  • strictly - you have forgotten about a serious matter;
  • favorably to you - you have chosen the correct line of behavior, stick to it;
  • joking - a matter that you consider significant is, most likely, not so important.

Such an image in a dream is also a symbol of masculinity and sexual activity. A dream where a man saw the Sultan promises great success with women, many intrigues.

To be in the audience with the ruler means: you will achieve wealth and nobility in reality. You will achieve a lot thanks to an influential patron.

Sergii Haranenko
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