Queen Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about a queen? A queen in a dream symbolizes wisdom, power and maternity. The dreambooks consider that seeing dreams about a monarch reflect the desire of the dreamer to influence his own life and the life of other people.

Miller’s dreambook compares a queen seen in a dream with success, dreams coming true and recent hard work. Seeing a tired monarch predicts disappointment and events that will spoil your joy.

American dreambook describes seeing yourself as a queen as a symbol of opportunity to receive profit in new business at the cost of your own efforts. If a young girl sees herself a member of royal family, this dream promises family happiness with a man who will be on serious governmental positions. Dreams with women in the role of monarchs are associated with the dreamer’s wisdom and inner potential.

Seeing yourself as a queen of England symbolizes an opportunity to make a fortune fast. If you saw your own wedding where you were a fiancée of the prince of England, this dream shows that you will be able to get welfare thanks to your hard work and connections with people of influence.

A dream about a snow queen in lush white dress predicts perspective to improve your financial status. To see yourself in a castle at the party of a snow queen means that you will be able to get attention of a person in power. Visiting a snow queen’s ball is a promise of profitable investments.

According to French dreambooks, seeing the queen of England in your dream is a very favorable sign promising wealth by inheriting capital and property. To talk to Queen Elizabeth in your dream is a promise of realization of your goals. If you saw a furious queen, the dream indicates that you will get high honors, but will become too proud and will push your best friends away.

Royal diamonds seen in a dream indicate your chance to show yourself in an important venture in future. To see shining jewelry on a queen reflects your wrong priorities and the fall of your plans. The most favorable dream is when the queen presents you royal diamonds; this dream promises that all the roads are open for you now.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about queen?
  • The young queen in dreams speaks of an unsuccessful investment of personal funds.
  • Dream of ice queen - predicts the division of property.
  • Cruel queen - distrust in a relationship with a loved one.
  • A queen without a crown - vain expectations.
  • Seeing a queen on the throne - disrupting of plans for the coming days.
    What are the Top-5 positive queen dream meanings?
  • The powerful queen promises reaching the goal quickly.
  • Kind queen - a new romantic relationship.
  • Fairy queen - vivid impressions.
  • Protecting the queen in a dream means a bold act.
  • Serving her - an interesting find.
Sergii Haranenko
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