Sweating Dream Meaning

Why is sweat seen in a dream? Just like in the real world, in a dream, this physiological fluid is a sign of difficult work or solving an especially serious problem. The dream book also offers a number of interesting transcripts.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you were sweating wildly? A certain confusing situation will be left behind, but you will spend a lot of effort and resources to resolve it. Was your body covered with sweat in the dream? This is a sure sign of great trouble or misfortune.

Did you happen to see that the sweat droplets appeared only in certain areas? For some period you are threatened by slander and gossip behind your back. But the dream book advises not to pay attention to them: bad talk will subside quickly, and your reputation will be safe.

Why else is someone sweating in a dream? At night, this is a warning about serious diseases associated with internal organs. Sometimes excessive sweating in dreaming reflects the dreamer's stamina and resilience.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you suddenly got sweat? Some difficulties in life will cause you a lot of trouble, but you will definitely cope with them.

Why is someone dreaming about sweat? The dream interpretation offers to gather your strength, because a rather difficult stage in fate is coming.

Did you happen to see sweat on the bodies of other characters? This means that a tedious and rather time-consuming task awaits you personally.

Bloody sweat symbolizes increased tension. Perhaps some problem will have a direct connection with your relatives. If in a dream you were calm and collected, this means you will worthily pass the next test in any case.

Did you have a dream that sweating was added by unpleasant emotional sensations and the gloomy atmosphere of the vision itself? In this case, the dream book recommends preparing for the most sad consequences. The effort you put in will probably not bring good results.

In a dream, did the sweat literally flow like a river and soak your clothes? In reality you will have to enter into a tough confrontation with competitors or enemies.

Why do you dream that you sweat a lot while doing some physical work? In reality, all your efforts will be devoted to earning money and providing food for the family.

If you happened to see that the sweat came from mental work, the dream book suspects that you want to comprehend something unknown, for example, learn magic or other similar arts.

For ordinary people who do not seek to learn the special meaning of life, the same plot means unfulfilled fantasies or forbidden pleasures.

    The interpretation of the dream will not be complete if one does not take into account one more factor, namely the gender of the dreamer who saw the plot in question.
  • A woman was sweating – represents desire to get pregnant.
  • For a man – dissatisfaction, search.
  • Strong competition for a businessman.
  • For a child – it means fun, joy.
  • For a person in love – promises deterioration in relations, jealousy.

Did you have to wipe the sweat streaming down your body in a dream? The dream interpretation guarantees a serious cold. If you managed to wipe only a few drops, this means a series of small failures will bring grief, but will not disrupt your plans.

What does it mean if you feel the smell of sweat in a dream? You may be betrayed by a dear person, or someone close to you will get sick in reality.

In a dream, did your clothes smell with unpleasant sweat? The dream interpretation predicts: you will get into a bad scam and ruin your reputation, which will negatively affect your future career.

Feeling the smell of sweat coming from another person is a sign of evil rumors spread by enemies.

Sergii Haranenko
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