Taking Delivery Dream Meaning

What does delivering babies mean in a dream? Taking delivery in a dream may mean replenishment in the family soon. Besides that, such a dream predicts new sources of income.

    Whom did you help at labor in a dream?
  • taking delivery in a woman - the need to solve other people's problems;
  • taking birth in a friend - finding a new job;
  • delivering babies in a relative - improving relations with her.
    Depending on who was born in a dream:
  • taking delivery in a baby-boy - the successful resolution of a long-standing conflict;
  • delivering a baby-girl - working in a women's team.
    What are the Top-5 bad dreams about delivering babies?
  • Taking birth in a sister in a dream predicts a major quarrel with her.
  • Helping a dog give birth means committing a rash act.
  • Seeing that a dog gave birth to dead puppies means the risk of losing all property.
  • Doing a caesarean section - means causeless anxiety and fear.
  • Taking birth with your mother - warns of a sharp deterioration in health.
    What are the Top-5 good taking delivery dream meanings?
  • Taking birth in an unmarried girl in a dream predicts mutual understanding in the family.
  • Helping a young girl deliver and giving a newborn baby in her arms - predicts career growth.
  • Taking birth at home - the arrival of distant relatives.
  • Taking delivery in the field - means committing a good deed.
  • Delivering babies in the maternity hospital - means strengthening your authority at work.

According to Gustav Miller, the dream of a woman giving birth can promise the beginning of a favorable stage.

    Additional meaning for men by Miller:
  • a married man can have dreams of taking birth as a sign of vain hopes;
  • a divorced man dreams of delivering babies - means an unexpected meeting with his ex-wife;
  • a widower helped deliver a baby in a dream - the arrival of guests.

Sigmund Freud believed that taking birth could be a dream predicting an imminent wedding.

    Additional dream meaning for women by Freud:
  • for a married woman - rash spending;
  • divorced woman dreams of delivering babies - a love adventure;
  • bride sees a dream about taking delivery – disrupting one’s plans.
    According to the seer Vanga, such a dream predicts:
  • completion of an important project soon;
  • small profit;
  • visit of distant relatives.

According to David Loff, such a dream portends positive changes in life.

Miss Hasse believed that helping a woman give birth to a child is a dream bringing happiness and the fulfillment of all desires.

Longo believed that such a dream promises the appearance of life's difficulties.

    Additional meaning for women:
  • taking birth in a cat - predicts quarrels with relatives;
  • taking delivery in a dog - meeting a friend;
  • delivering calf in a cow - resting with the family;
  • helping a horse deliver a foal - symbol of emotional burnout;
  • taking delivery in a pig - means good luck in business.
Sergii Haranenko
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