Maternity Home Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of a maternity hospital this is a symbol of changes for the better in personal life, the dreambook promises.

Seeing yourself pregnant in a pre-labor ward - in reality you are standing on the threshold of something new: life, relationships, work. This dream can predict pregnancy for a woman.

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If a man dreams that he is pregnant – he will receive a large monetary profit, the dream book predicts.

To go to a maternity home with contractions in a dream - you worry about problems at work. You shouldn't take everything so close to your heart, you will get a nervous breakdown, the dreambook warns.

A dream in which you are walking in the yard of the maternity hospital and watching walking women who are to give birth - the interpretation of a dream is the following: for lonely guys and girls – you will meet with your future marriage partner; for married men – replenishment in the family; for married ladies – an expensive gift.

Gathering to a maternity home - you will have an interview for a new job or for a new position in real life.

To dream of your own birth - in reality a colleague will provide you with unequivocal signs of attention soon. To answer them or not, you decide.

To be in labor for a man in a dream - to financial stability and prosperity; for a woman - to new hobbies, the dreambook promises.

If a woman dreams that she shows her newborn child through the window to her relatives - in reality, you will be able to tell your loved ones about the good news you heard by chance.

If you dreamed that you came to visit a doctor in the hospital with complaints of back pain, and he says that you are pregnant and sends you to the maternity hospital to give birth, although this is not noticeable by your belly, such a dream can have different interpretations: in the end, you gave birth - to a pleasant, though unexpected invitation for a date or a walk; if you did not give birth - to deception and disappointment.

The man dreamed that when his wife was discharged he was told that she had given birth - the interpretation of the dream is as follows: if a newborn is a boy, a lot of worries and troubles await you; if a daughter is born, you will be very surprised at something.

If you dreamed of a trip home from the hospital - to move to a new place of residence. An unmarried girl who hasn’t given birth yet had a dream about her own discharge from the hospital - to a job change related to receiving a lucrative offer of a new position.

To see yourself in a dream as an invited guest on someone else’s discharge from the maternity hospital: for a guy - to an intimate affinity with a stranger; for a girl the dream symbolizes envy of someone’s happiness.

Being a doctor or obstetrician who takes birth in a dream - in reality you will help your loved ones in solving some problems or difficulties, the dreambook predicts. You will also have to show hospitality as guests will come to you unexpectedly.

If you dream of all the hospital staff of a maternity home where you gave birth - to a public speech, the dream book predicts.

Sergii Haranenko
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