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Wedding Cancelled Dream Meaning

A dream image of a cancelled wedding is usually seen by people whom someone offered to earn easy money with the help of some fraud. The dreambooks recommend refusing from this idea.

If the wedding was cancelled for some reason in your dream, this can mean that someone wants to deceive you. Do not fall for the scammers, whatever tempting sentences were offered. Also, the refusal from wedding in a dream can symbolize the dreamer's reclusive life, literal asceticism and low requirements for a partner and living conditions.

If a man saw a dream about his running away from the wedding, this is a sign that he needs to revise his life positions; his reputation can be spoiled because of his views and principles. If a woman runs away from her own wedding, this dream indicates her thoughtless behavior in real life.

Being late for the wedding in a dream is associated with financial loss and health problems. All your plans and wishes may not come true.

If the wedding was unsuccessful, this plot can show you that it may be time to revise your life and actions; you may be paying too little time to your family or being too persistent with people.

A wedding that was spoiled by someone in a dream predicts difficulties in business sphere. Beware of ill-wishers who are trying to ruin your reputation and dispel bad rumors.

Crying on a wedding is a very positive sign promising receiving good news.

Sergii Haranenko

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