Sobbing Dream Meaning

What does crying in a dream mean? If you dream of crying hard, it is a symbol or purification and emotional shake. The dreambooks usually predict joy and happiness to the person who was crying in dreams. Besides that a dream about crying promises pleasant events and success in reality. But if you were crying with happiness in a dream, this plot is a warning of an accident, fire or robbery.

According to Miller, crying in a dream is a warning about coming conflicts. Crying hard can also predict a quarrel with someone close to you. If a young woman saw herself crying in a dream, this symbol predicts problems in personal life. However the psychologist considers it a favorable sign if you hear someone else’s crying. If your acquaintance was sobbing in your dream, there will be a reason to feel happy for this person in real life. If an unknown person cried hard in a dream, this plot can mean receiving good news.

As for Dr. Freud, he associates a dream about crying seen by a woman with a favorable time to have a baby. If this dream was seen by a man, this plot is a reflection of his flirtation nature and inclinations to polygamous relations.

If you heard somebody’s sobbing in your native city, you will happen to visit a public event in real life, Vanga thinks. Waking up from sobbing in a dream predicts getting unexpected news.

    The dreambook of the 21st Century explains crying in a dream by its reason:
  • Offences – predicts reconciliation with an old friend or beloved one;
  • Happiness – predicts a sudden situation that will change your life for the better;
  • Without any reason – expecting changes that will come later;
  • Being glad for another person – you will be having a good time.

Some dreambooks associate hard crying in a dream with the person’s moral fatigue and emptiness. If you had a quarrel or harsh misunderstanding with somebody in real life, a dream about sobbing is just a reflection of the situation. The dreambooks recommend analyzing the reason of the conflict; maybe you will change your opinion.

According to modern dream interpreters, people who heard somebody crying in a dream will have great luck. The chance to fulfill your plans is very high now.

If a businessman saw many people in tears, this dream predicts unavoidable financial loss. If you saw your mother sobbing in a dream, it is time to think about your life and its goal; you need to revise and correct you life plans.

If a lonely man sees a beautiful young woman crying hard, this plot predicts new acquaintance and perspective to have new stable love relations.

If you happened to calm down or comfort a relative or other close person after hysteria, it is possible that in reality the dreamer is planning, or will be forced to take on his difficulties. In addition, such calming down someone's crying in a dream often indicates the need for assistance.

Do you know why is it bad if you are in sorrow near the mirror? Old superstitions and beliefs about mirrors.

    What was the reason for crying in a dream?
  • crying because of memories - a short separation from loved ones;
  • dream of crying because of a loved one - means cheating on him in real life;
  • weeping with failure - business success;
  • crying due to accusations - salary increase;
  • drying with deception - predicts communicating with unpleasant people;
  • crying because the death of a friend - promises a long life;
  • dreaming of crying because of a quarrel with parents - promises reconciliation with relatives after a long conflict;
  • dream of crying due to some loss - predicts a large acquisition;
  • dreaming about crying with resentment - means increasing one's authority in the team;
  • some bad news made you cry - warns of the child's illness;
  • crying with impotence in a dream - promises a period of stability;
  • dreaming about crying with fear - is a sign of illness;
  • dream of crying with disappointment - fatigue and apathy;
  • crying with jealousy - an affair with a colleague.
    Where was someone crying in your dream?
  • dream of crying in the bathroom - sign of positive changes;
  • crying in church - a family holiday;
  • crying on someone's grave - means health and longevity;
  • crying at work - conflicts in the team because of a young employee;
  • weeping at home - symbolizes deterioration in reputation.
    How was someone weeping in your dream?
  • crying loud - misunderstanding in relationships with loved ones;
  • sobbing avidly - sign of good news;
  • crying bitterly - a pleasant surprise;
  • crying hysterically - predicts a conflict;
  • kneeling and crying - sign of humiliation.
    Who was crying together with the dreamer?
  • angel crying - patronage of an influential person;
  • grandmother crying - worries about loved ones;
  • a pregnant woman crying - promises a gift;
  • crying with a relative - promises receiving an inheritance;
  • seeing your father crying with you - means promotion;
  • neighbor weeping - the risk of getting hurt in an accident;
  • sister crying - the visit of distant relatives;
  • dream of your great-grandmother crying - promises a date;
  • loved ones crying - a party with old friends;
  • dream of a crying teenager - regrets;
  • stepfather crying - quarrels with relatives;
  • crying son - academic success;
  • brother crying - a meeting with relatives;
  • nephew crying - recovery;
  • daughter-in-law crying in a dream - problems in the son's family;
  • dream of your crying niece - the loss of a valuable thing;
  • seeing your ex-wife crying in a dream - a chance meeting with a childhood friend;
  • younger brother crying - financial problems;
  • son-in-law cries in a dream - meeting a creative person;
  • the groom crying in a dream - promises a merry wedding;
  • grandson crying - pleasant chores;
  • dream of a crying gypsy - money stealing;
  • Jesus Christ crying in a dream - receiving a prize;
  • a disabled person crying - longevity;
  • a colleague sobs in a dream - good changes at work;
  • seeing your godmother crying - changing the place of residence;
  • uncle crying - illness;
  • the enemy crying - success in social activities;
  • best friend crying in dreams - a quarrel;
  • grandfather crying - receiving important advice;
  • granddaughter weeping - the arrival of guests.
Sergii Haranenko
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