Breaking a plate: omens and superstitions

Someone is quite calm about the fact that the kitchen utensils slip out of their hands and shatter into pieces from time to time. And some people - there are also quite a few of them - tend to worry not so much about the damage done, but about the sign "what does it mean when the dishes got broken in the house?"

Broken plate meaning of superstitions.

According to psychoanalysts, plates symbolize prosperity, stability, and well-being in the human mind.

Therefore, most interpreters unanimously agree that there is no need to regret broken dishes: unlike broken watches, it rarely bodes something bad. However, it is important to pay attention to the nuances and circumstances of the loss of kitchen utensils.

A broken coffee pot or teapot portends the arrival of distant relatives.

A broken tea saucer promises you a coming visit from an old friend.

Intentionally, heartily destroyed service during a quarrel can hardly promise happiness and universal harmony: in all signs, an element of chance is important. So it is with dishes: with a deliberate breaking, good results cannot be expected. Although, who knows, maybe sometimes it’s better to give vent to feelings, to take out insults on soulless saucers than to quietly accumulate it inside in order to someday turn against a loved one.

A completely different picture develops if cups and plates often crack, burst, break, and get smashed in your house for no apparent reason. Some practitioners believe that in this way the Universe warns: you need to be more vigilant and for some time be extremely careful in words and deeds.

A cup broken on the floor portends good news for the whole family; if the cup cracked on a table or other surface - be on your guard: envious people are haunted by your successes. A cup broken in the bedroom warns of health problems.

When a married woman accidentally breaks a plate, especially if it splits exactly in half, the sign speaks of a possible conflict with her husband. And if the dish shattered into small fragments, this is a hint of a rival, according to the beliefs.

For older people, the superstition prophecies tangible cash spending.

But what do the signs of a broken plate portend for men and young girls?

What is the meaning of omen if a man broke a plate?

    For many centuries, folk wisdom has been able to notice and delineate the effect of signs for different categories of people:
  • When a young man breaks a plate, this is a happy sign for him: one should expect promotion associated with financial profit;
  • For a married man, the sign works differently: he will have to face difficulties and conflicts at work;
  • Sometimes at a wedding, men accidentally break serving items. In this case, the one who made a mistake should look around: fate is preparing a new love affair for him, and most likely, the lady who was closest to him at that moment will become the object of his feelings;
  • If a guest at the table cracks dishes for no apparent reason, take a closer look at him: perhaps he is not as friendly to you as he tries to show.

Why else, according to the sign, a man can break a plate? In some regions, there is a custom to break the dish on the eve of the wedding, when a man says goodbye to his single life. At the same time, the fragments must be thrown away in order to avoid failures and quarrels in the family.

Omens about breaking dishes for girls and women.

When a young girl accidentally breaks a saucer, the belief promises her a coming romantic date. Moreover, the sign of “breaking a plate” for a girl claims: the more beautiful and expensive the plate was, the more likely it is that the development of a new relationship will end in a wedding.

Divination on coffee grounds is popular among women of all ages. Usually, a fortuneteller is very upset if, during a prediction, a cup of drink slips out of her hands and breaks: this looks like a bad sign. In fact, such a nuisance simply means that one should not tell fortunes today. Perhaps some events have not yet been determined by fate, or perhaps you are now too upset to interpret the symbolic meanings correctly.

If transparent dishes break, this is usually interpreted as lack of honesty and sincerity between partners: according to tradition, transparent vessels symbolize purity and innocence.

Signs about broken dishes by day of the week.

Also, as in the case of the interpretation of dreams, folk beliefs attach great importance to the days of the week when explaining the meanings of broken dishes:

The sign of “breaking a plate” on Monday (for a girl): the coming period will be favorable and calm, no troubles will happen; luck will accompany you all week.

Breaking a dish on Tuesday means you will meet a stranger who may not become your friend, but is sure to have a significant impact on your life.

If a girl breaks a plate on Wednesday, the omen promises the fulfillment of all her plans: deals will be concluded, projects will bring the expected profit.

If you happened to break a plate on Thursday, you should mentally prepare for a series of minor troubles: lost keys, a bus that left under your nose, spilled coffee, etc.

Plate broken on Friday: if you want reciprocity from a certain man, he will soon show attention to you. In addition, it is believed that on Fridays, dishes slip out of the hands of only ideal housewives. In other words, the Universe is hinting: you have completed this stage of self-improvement; you can raise the bar for yourself.

Breaking dishes on Saturday and Sunday is usually treated favorably. On Saturday, you should expect several guests, and on Sunday - gifts from someone close to you.

What does it mean if the dishes break in the house on holidays?

If on your own birthday you managed to deprive the festive service of a plate or two, do not be discouraged: according to the belief, a successful, fruitful year awaits you.

But you should treat kitchen utensils with extreme caution on the eve of the New Year. The fact is that, according to signs, New Year's fragments do not bode well: the year will be difficult and poor. However, you can outwit fate - ask one of your friends to give you a new dish. The appearance or value of the present does not matter, but the giver must fill it with any fruit. Such a gift for the New Year is considered the guarantor of a happy and successful year.

If a shelf or cupboard with dishes suddenly falls in the kitchen, which no one touched at that moment, this may be a signal that your brownie is very dissatisfied with something or angry with you. Sometimes it is enough to appease him with treats (sweets, milk), and in some cases you need to pay more attention to cleaning, to quarrel less with household members, etc.

It is not clear why, but the sign says that breaking a plate on Good Friday is a very good sign. The Holy Week of the Orthodox calendar is dedicated to difficult, gloomy events: the arrest, crucifixion and burial of Christ. Perhaps, several centuries ago, the mournful atmosphere of divine services intertwined in human consciousness with the remnants of a pagan worldview - a broken dish began to symbolize something like a sacrifice that would propitiate higher powers and ward off other possible troubles from a person.

Dishes intentionally broken at the wedding promise a strong and reliable marriage. If the bride accidentally dropped and broke the plate, serious problems will soon come to light in the marriage.

Can you prevent negative actions of signs about broken dishes?

Popular experience has negative attitude towards the storage and use of damaged containers: cracked bowls, dishes with broken and glued pieces attract poverty and destruction to the life of the owner. And a lonely person runs the risk of nullifying the chances of finding his significant other. Moreover, you should not store individual fragments of utensils - even in the form of a decorative ornament, although it is fashionable.

If you are worried about the frequent breaking of cups by family members, you can try to clean the apartment from the accumulated bad energy yourself. To do this, you need to wash all accessible surfaces with slightly salted water: salt neutralizes any negative accumulations well. It's fine if you can get some Thursday salt, but any will do.

The second way is to go around the house, looking into every corner, with a burning church candle.

According to ancient superstitions, kitchen utensils with cracks and chips open the way to the house for all sorts of petty evil spirits and misfortunes.

    If the plate is broken, the sign recommends doing the following with it:
  • The fragments must be collected immediately so that they do not remain for a minute, and then you should sweep the floor carefully.
  • Do not swear during cleaning at the one responsible for damaging property (even at yourself) - if the sign of a broken plate was good, regretting the dish loss, you risk frightening off luck. Well, if the omen is interpreted negatively - why should you add negative energy yourself?
  • The shatters should be immediately removed from the house, and ideally buried in the ground.

We would like to note that one should not be too afraid of signs. If you do not know how to interpret the meaning of a broken dish, then just in case, you can do as is customary at weddings.

If during the celebration the bride accidentally drops any serving item, this is regarded as a bad sign: the groom will constantly cheat on his wife. To avoid trouble, the bride must choose the largest piece, step on it with her left heel, and then wish her family all the best that she can imagine.

Do the same and you will not be afraid of any superstitions.

Sergii Haranenko

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