Coffee omens and superstitions

A morning without coffee is like sleeping without a pillow. It is difficult to finally wake up without drinking a cup of hot aromatic drink. It gives strength, allows you to recover after a sleepless night, and quickly come to a working state.

What does it mean if you drop a cup of coffee, and accidentally break it? What does a sign promise if you find a spider or a fly in a drink? What does it mean if you leave your coffee unfinished?

If bubbles appeared on the surface of the coffee drink – this means you will receive a large amount of money.

Drinking up coffee after another person – predicts turmoil in your personal life.

Spilling coffee on the table for a woman – means sadness, tears; for a man – a conflict with friends.

Dropping a cup of coffee – symbolizes fear, accident.

Breaking a cup or glass of coffee is a good sign, portending well-being and luck.

If a stranger poured over a hot coffee drink on you – relations with the culprit will become friendly; pouring coffee on yourself is a sign of good luck.

Spilling coffee beans on the table – is a sign of minor troubles that will be resolved quickly; sprinkling ground coffee – predicts showdown with your loved one.

Leaving coffee unfinished means bad luck in your personal life.

Spilling sugar on the table while making coffee – big profits will be made; sprinkle sugar on the floor – promises carnal pleasures.

Filling a cup with coffee only by half is a bad omen, promising losses, poverty.

Spilling milk on the table while making coffee – means friends will come to visit; if you spilled milk on the floor – this means conflicts at home.

During brewing, the coffee drink spilled on the stove – this is a sign of hassle, fatigue.

Finding a spider in a cup of coffee – predicts receiving interesting news; if a fly got into your coffee – this is a sign that your partner will delight you with an unexpected gift.

Signs say that in order to always be in a good mood, you need to drink coffee from only one cup.

Evil forces will not enter the dwelling if there is a mug with a fragrant coffee drink in a conspicuous place.

Gathering spilled coffee beans with your hands from the floor – predicts a string of misfortunes, omens state.

Sergii Haranenko

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