How to understand your dream?

Sometimes people have very interesting dreams that can contain answers to current vital questions. If you saw such a dream, the interpreters and psychologists recommend writing it down. Dreams are quickly forgotten upon waking. Subtle sensations experienced by a person in a dream quickly disappear in real life without a trace.

Highlight the people with whom you communicated in a dream, as well as objects that were especially noted in your plot by your attention. It can be natural phenomena, elements (fire, water, earth, air), they often carry important messages.

Our subconscious speaks with us the language of dreams. It can be compared to the ocean, and the day consciousness - with the tip of the iceberg, visible on its surface. As a rule, people in a dream carry the characteristics of our own personality, character traits.

Look carefully at the character of your dream, listen to yourself. Most likely, you will be able to understand which of your personal characteristics this person represents in a dream.

Once you have determined it, try to analyze the actions of this person in a dream, his words. This is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something important. This simple method helps establish contact with the subconscious, allows you to learn how to listen and understand your dreams properly.

It should be separately said about some symbols in a dream. Sometimes it happens that a dream shakes a person, he wakes up from a shock. On such dreams, you need to pay special attention. What exactly shocked you? Maybe it was some sign or symbol? For example, a giant white liner, which you have never seen in life, fantastic birds or animals, houses of a very strange look, a beautiful rainbow, a raging ocean ...

The interpretation of this image-symbol can be searched in dream books dictionary, choose the option for which your inner feeling will say “yes” - it will be correct. And follow the developments and events in your life.

The ability to listen and understand our dreams is very important, because we spend a third of our lives in a dream, in this fascinating reality that can teach us a lot. Do not neglect it, and over time, your and your inner world, and your life, will become much brighter and richer.

Sergii Haranenko

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