Hummingbird Dream Meaning

Hummingbird is a symbol of swiftness and impermanence. With its elegance and speed, it attracts us and makes us smile and give delight to others. More often than not, a dream about colibri indicates that joyous events are coming, with which a person will illuminate his entire world.

In general, birds symbolize freedom and flight. Birds singing freely are harbingers of good luck. Birds flying at a height or knocking on the window is waiting for news. Wounded bird to trouble. A chick with injured wings is the end of another's happiness. Birds closed in a cage is a sign of lack of free-thinking, speaking of ordinariness and " zombies."

A dream about many hummingbirds is a symbol of insignificant profit. Giving food to hummingbirds - to sadness and new surroundings. To listen to birds chirping in a dream means to talk with a loved one.

According to many dreambooks, a hummingbird in a dream means to get rid of worries and problems in real life. After all, from that moment on they will end. It's time to have fun, stop and relax and finally feel like a happy person.

Bright, nimble, miniature birds in a dream indicate the desire to be noticeable, appreciated. A dream can also talk about the desire to have something expensive and unusual, status, that is inaccessible so far.

Trying to catch a colibri means to make attempts to get what you want, to start an independent life, to bear financial responsibility.

To hold a hummingbird in your hands in a dream means to achieve the desired, to achieve a dream, to be successful and prosperous. In a number of interpretations there is another meaning of such a dream. Holding a hummingbird in your hand means holding your dream, inability to let go, to recognize your true desires.

Keep the hummingbird in a cage means locking your desires, being shy, being afraid to show your voice. Such a dream may reflect the hidden, depressed nature of a person in a difficult life situation. Perhaps, there is a hyper-responsibility of a person who prefers to isolate and fulfill the desires of other people to the detriment of his own.

If the dreamed hummingbirds looked sick, not active - perhaps the person is in a state of confusion, inability to get support from the inner circle. A person may experience loneliness on the way to achieving goals, feel psychological discomfort, apathy.

The monochrome color of a hummingbird in a dream indicates a monotonous, static psychological state of a person. The dream can warn of possible misunderstanding by loved ones.

If red, yellow shades dominated in the color of hummingbirds - soon there will be an opportunity to perform bright, perhaps thoughtless actions. They will help move the long-lasting attempts to achieve recognition and success off the ground.

Dead colibri in a dream symbolize leaving past desires, moving to something new, end of some period. A dream can be an illustration of the period finished, such as divorce, transfer to another city or other events taking place. The dream prophesies the imminent emergence of a new stimulus in life.

Sergii Haranenko
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