Keeping monstera at home signs and superstitions

Monstera was introduced to European countries several centuries ago, and since then debates about its safety for human health have not subsided. There are many signs about this plant that highlight not only its negative properties, but also its positive qualities. We suggest you find out whether it is possible to keep a monstera at home or is it better to refuse such a green pet.

Monstera - can you keep it at home?

Most superstitions associated with Monstera insist that it is better not to keep it at home, and there are reasons for this.

People say that you should not place Monstera in the bedroom. This plant has wide leaves that absorb large amounts of oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It is believed that because of this, a person may feel an attack of suffocation during sleep. This statement has no scientific explanation. Only one thing is known: not a single indoor flower is capable of this. Some amount of carbon dioxide is indeed released, but its share is small and cannot lead to suffocation.

Another sign calls this plant “driving men away”, and therefore does not advise girls to have it. Otherwise, the young lady will not meet her soulmate and will remain lonely.

If you turn to the signs of other nationalities, you can get a completely opposite result. For example, in Asia, the monstera is perceived as a talisman that brings good luck to its owner. Local residents are confident that the plant will help maintain good health and improve their financial situation.

People have learned to determine the weather based on Monstera behavior. And if the leaves of the plant begin to secrete sap intensively, which collects in large, clearly visible drops, this means it will rain soon.

Benefits and harms of Monstera

According to a common version, if you keep a monstera in an apartment, it will deprive its inhabitants of vital energy. When there is peace and tranquility in the house, the monstera will try to influence the situation, and not in the best way: it will absorb positive energy and give back negative energy in return.

People say that this tropical plant receives negative energy from household members when they are in conflict: during a quarrel, the monstera begins to intensively absorb a negative charge. And here this property is positive. But as soon as there is a lull, the monstera immediately tries to break it, filling the room with streams of negativity.

However, this harmful quality can be used to your advantage. To do this, place the flower pot in the place where it is necessary to reduce the harmful effects of radiation, for example, near a TV or microwave oven.

    In fact, Monstera has many more positive qualities than negative ones.
  • Produces oxygen, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the body of every person.
  • Enriches the air with ions, humidifies it and absorbs microparticles that pollute it.
  • Suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.
  • Absorbs electromagnetic radiation in the room.
  • Absorbs formaldehyde contained in chemical industry products.
  • Monstera actively exhibits its beneficial properties during the flowering period.

The influence of monstera on a person

Esotericists agree that monstera is capable of absorbing energy. This explains why a person feels weak in the morning if this plant is in his bedroom. However, it is worth noting that people with sensitivity to changes in energy flows are susceptible to this influence.

There is also an opposite opinion, according to which, if you keep this indoor flower at home, it will help improve your well-being. Monstera relieves headaches and prevents the development of diseases during the season of colds. Moreover, such an effect on people is obvious, especially if we take into account such properties of the plant as ionization and air purification.

Monstera according to Feng Shui

If we turn to the teachings of Feng Shui, it says that Monstera is an amazing plant that can equalize the energy in any space. By combining Yin and Yang, the flower creates an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Moreover, it can be placed in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the hallway.

As for the bedroom, it is considered not the most suitable place for a monstera. If the plant is placed in this room, it will negatively affect the relationship between spouses. The connection between them will begin to weaken, and soon they may completely cool off towards each other.

It’s good if you can allocate a place for Monstera in your office. Thanks to it, your efficiency will increase, thoughts will be more orderly, a person will begin to show determination in business and bring what he started to the end.

Is Monstera poisonous or not?

There is a version that monstera is a poisonous plant. To some extent, this statement is true. The fact is that the fruits and leaves contain a substance that, upon contact with the skin, can provoke the development of an allergic reaction. It usually manifests itself in the form of irritation. If this substance gets on the mucous membranes, serious damage may occur.

It is clear that an adult will not taste any parts of an indoor flower, and therefore the danger of its sap is automatically reduced to zero. However, it is worth remembering that if there are pets in the apartment, they may well chew the leaves. And such a situation is quite capable of causing harm.

The same applies to young children. Babies, as a rule, try to taste the objects around them, without understanding whether they are edible or not. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant.

Signs about Monstera in the office

According to superstitions, this plant helps improve concentration. And for this reason, it is recommended to grow it in offices and other similar public places. It happens that with a large crowd of people, it is quite difficult to concentrate on your task. And the presence of monstera in this case will be very useful.

It will enrich the air with oxygen, catch all the dust with its lush leaves, which will improve brain activity. In addition, such an atmosphere helps cope with stress more easily and relieves tension.

If you are busy developing your business, Monstera will help here too. By quickly making important decisions, you can easily find a way out of any current situation and learn how to negotiate correctly. As a result, you will be provided with support from reliable partners.

If you are afraid and sincerely believe in bad omens, it is better not to have a monstera in your house. The fact is that the plant can feel a hostile attitude and retaliate with streams of negative energy.

And here we would like to note that people who grow this flower note only its positive effects. In gratitude for proper care, Monstera makes the air in the apartment cleaner and the atmosphere lively and cozy.

Sergii Haranenko

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