Prophetic Dreams

Plots of night dreams can predict future events. However, we see different stories every night and not all of them come true. We suggest you figure out how to distinguish prophetic dreams from empty, non-prophetic dreams.

How to distinguish a prophetic dream from an ordinary one?

Many stories that come to a person during moments of night rest, one way or another, are related to the future. They contain symbols that are interpreted as a harbinger of certain events. Obsessively repeating dreams in which the same images appear deserve special attention.

Esotericists say that identifying prophetic dreams is not difficult. They present a clear picture of events relevant to the dreamer's life. The plot of such a vision is as straightforward as possible. Symbols and images that have a double interpretation are present in it in minimal quantities.

Most often, prophetic visions visit a person in moments of emotional excitement, or are associated with making difficult decisions. In such dreams you can see a specific action or event related to an existing problem. In some cases, the dream warns of future events, pushing the dreamer in the right direction.

Such visions represent a plot, the unfavorable outcome of which the dreamer is able to change in his own way. By skillfully using tips from above, a person has the opportunity to avoid serious troubles, and sometimes even save the life of himself or loved ones.

A prophetic vision does not go unnoticed because it evokes a strong emotional response. Simply put, if after waking up a person is still confident for some time that what happened can be repeated in reality, such a dream will most likely be prophetic.

What is a prophetic dream?

What is a prophetic dream? Prophetic dreams are clues from the psyche. Knowing when and on what days dreams with special meaning are seen, you can learn to decipher these clues and change your life. In our article we will tell you how to do it.

The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud said: "The more strange a dream seems to us, the deeper meaning it carries." It is not for nothing that we used to call night visions with implications prophetic dreams. They, like an inner oracle, not only suggest what is wrong, but also indicate where to run. A person's consciousness is critical: sometimes it devalues ​​events that are important for his internal development, forcing him to perceive them as something insignificant.

Haven't you called your parents for a long time? It’s nothing, you can do it later - the mind calms us down. Can’t you talk heart to heart with your children? Well, the time is like that. But the psyche cannot be fooled - recognizing the hindrance that creates problems for the inner "I", it sends us signals in a dream when consciousness loses its vigilance. It pushes the "owner" to concentrate on something, to rethink, hints at the right outcome. After all, prophetic means predicting.

But a person cannot always discern when he has prophetic dreams, and when the brain simply draws meaningless pictures. Experts say that you can learn to recognize meaningful dreams and understand why they mean. You can even calculate when the "sleepy prophecy" will come true.

“It depends on what phase the dream was in,” numerologist and esotericist Anton Ushmanov explains. - Conventionally, you can divide the dream into 3 intervals - the beginning, middle and end. If someone saw a prophetic dream in the first phase, then it will come true within a year. If it was in the second phase, in the middle of the night, then you can count on the dream coming true within 6 months. If the dream was seen in the third phase, closer to the morning – it can come true within a month. If you saw a prophetic dream just before dawn, it will come true within 12 days. And if it happened before sunset - during the day.

In addition, it is useful to know on which days of the week prophetic dreams are seen.

What does a prophetic dream mean?

Prophetic dreams are usually looked at from two positions - scientific and esoteric. From the point of view of science, a dream as such is the result of the work of the brain, which, as you know, never sleeps. Throughout its life, the human supercomputer is busy modeling reality based on the experience gained through receptors, hearing, smell, sight. The human brain processes a million signals per second. But while we are awake, we cannot realize the results of this "revision" – because our consciousness interferes.

At night, when our rational part is resting, the brain calmly processes all the information for the day through the subconscious mind. And we see the images that the subconscious demonstrates.

It is with their help that the brain helps a person understand how this or that situation will develop. In fact, the models that the brain builds are very prophetic dreams.

Some say the brain predicts in a dream. But it would be more correct to say - it models: the state of objects, the reactions of people. Brain models are constantly being built, and in a dream they appear to us.

Why do you have prophetic dreams?

Some mystics are sure: prophetic dreams can appear for three reasons. First, when a person is too close to an important event. Secondly, when the "genius of the earth" directly pushes him to pay attention to this or that situation. And thirdly, when consciousness reaches such a level of development that it carries an information signal from outside itself.

A person can capture the vibrations of space in the form of a beam of information (a future event), energy therapists explain. There are an infinite number of options for the development of events at the same time. And a person in a dream catches one of them.

This happens when the brain and subconscious are trying to show the most likely scenarios for the future. But why do our supercomputer and inner self need this? Why show them where to go and where to lay the landing spot?

“The brain is busy helping us survive every minute,” psychiatrist Yaroslav Filatov recalls. - If nothing bad happens, this does not mean that there are no dangers. And the task of the psyche is to reveal our capabilities and abilities that will help in development. From the fulfillment of these tasks, prophetic dreams are born.

At what days do prophetic dreams come true?


It is believed that empty dreams are seen on the first day of the week. There may be many emotions and experiences in them, but not so many prophecies. But if the dream you had on Monday is vivid and memorable, you can try to decipher it. Perhaps it will suggest a solution to some small life task, but you should not look for a deep decisive meaning in it.


Dreams seen on Tuesday can come true. Moreover, rather quickly - within two weeks. If the Tuesday dream is positive, it is better to make every effort to make it come true. And if it has negative coloring, on the contrary, it makes sense to try to make sure that the dream does not come true. In fact, Tuesday is the day of choice, when you have to decide whether you want the dream to come true or not. The consequences of inaction can be very unpleasant.


On Wednesdays, as esotericists say, there is not much trust in dreams. They are most often empty. You don't need to trust them too much. As a rule, there are no prophecies in the dreams on Wednesday, but there are “bells” concerning your character and personal qualities. They can be a revelation. Try to figure out what the psyche is signaling: this will help you work on yourself.


“Dreams from Thursday to Friday are prophetic” - this is how people think. And experts say this is true: the visions seen on Thursday openly hint at the prospects and indicate how this or that situation will develop. The prophetic dreams that appeared on Thursday will come true within three years. Often on Thursdays one can see romantic, dreamlike visions. But in reality, they are far from romance as such. It is just a symbol. Even in such dreams, you need to look for important life prophecies.


Friday dreams are usually the most common. Decrypting them is just a waste of time. But if on Friday you dream of a romantic plot, it directly hints at a relationship with your soul mate. A bad dream "about love" does not bode well in reality. So be vigilant and take action.


Saturday dreams should be analyzed more closely. It may come true before lunchtime. In addition, esotericists say that a dream that you had on Saturday can predict not only your future: you can see in it what awaits your loved ones. Often there are terrible dreams on Saturdays. You don't need to be afraid of them, but they should be taken into account.


Sunday dreams can be "ordered". If you focus well and formulate a desire (or question), you may dream of exactly the situation that worries you most. Sunday dreams are often prophetic and come true quickly. Often on Sundays, there are good prophetic dreams that predict prosperity.

What else do you need to know about prophetic dreams in order to learn to understand them? This is what experts answer to the most common questions about prophetic dreams.

Who has prophetic dreams?

According to psychiatrists, introverts - people who are closed and reasonable - have the most chances to see prophetic dreams. They know how to delve into themselves, look closely at the little things and draw conclusions. In other words, prophetic dreams are for people who are sensitive to themselves, the signals of their bodies, and to those around them.

“And prophetic dreams are often seen by those who trust their intuition,” psychologist-hypnologist Alexandria Sadofieva adds. - And by those who are going through a difficult situation, whose inner resource is sharpened for solving a life task.

Is it possible to distinguish a prophecy from a figurative picture? Psychiatrists and psychologists say: yes, it is possible.

“The feeling of dream matters,” experts explain. - If you woke up with a clear understanding "it means something" - it makes sense to delve into the dream. And if your previous day was filled with various events, then your REM phase (dreaming phase) will be slightly longer than usual, and your dreams will be richer. Since the brain processes information precisely during the REM phase, dreams are nothing more than processing information, sorting it by importance, redirecting it to one or another part of memory.

"Not prophetic" dreams leave almost no emotional response in our souls. And they are very quickly forgotten.

A simple dream - even if it was emotional, is erased from memory and the details are not remembered.

Signs of a prophetic dream

The interpretation of predictions coming in a dream is individual. And this is not surprising, because the warning concerns the life of a specific person. However, there are a number of general signs by which you can find out whether a dream was prophetic or not.

    The main “symptoms” that night vision is a warning from higher powers:
  • Bright colors - colored dreams indicate the receptivity of the subconscious to information.
  • The presence of a plot - events in a dream develop consistently and logically.
  • A dream represents a complete story, and the dreamer has the opportunity to influence its outcome during the action.
  • The vision contains a message from a specific character, conveyed in words or numbers.
  • The last important sign is the duration of the night dream. Its length is comparable to real time.
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