Bright Colors Dream Meaning

Bright colors seen in a dream hint that in the near future, life will change for the better. You will achieve your desired goal, earn respect, and gain stability. The dream interpretation will help find out why the indicated image most often appears in dreams.

Color dreams convey in a dream the nature of current events, a certain life stage and the dreamer's mood in reality.

Seeing colorful dream stories is always good. This means that your life is just as interesting, rich and successful. The prevalence of gloomy, dark and fuzzy shades indicates the opposite position. According to the dream book, this is a sign of despondency, hopelessness, inaction.

But if you dreamed of too bright colors on a gray, colorless background, this is a hint of the illusory nature of promises and unfulfillment of desires.

How to interpret color dreams and what to look for? First of all, the dream book advises interpreting the main gamma.

For example, black and yellow visions traditionally come to rational, practical and thoughtful people. Dreamers usually have to see images painted in a dream in blue , pink or orange tones.

  • Red dream plots reflect excitement, danger, imbalance.
  • Violet dream are a sign of passion or anxiety.
  • Golden colors mean happiness, harmony, excessive idealism.
  • Purple dreams - a creative splash.
  • Green shades - hope, confidence.
  • Black colors- mourning, misfortune.
  • White dreams mean peace and harmony.

What is the meaning of a dream of deep dark-blue or blue colors? In reality there will be a great occasion for joy, because you will successfully implement a serious plan. But too bright colors indicate the need to relax the field of a difficult period.

Had a dream in dark-blue color? The dream interpretation considers it a symbol of magic and mystery, as well as fidelity, desire for peace and harmony. Intense coloring calls for dedication, perseverance, utmost seriousness.

Did yellow color dominate in your dream? This is a sign of greatness and wealth. But flashy shade means betrayal, envy, stopping business.

Moderately bright colors in dreams reflect vital energy, the dreamer's ability to withstand adversity. Why else is one dreaming in yellow? Dream Interpretation is sure: this is a sign of intuition or cowardice.

What is the meaning of a dream of green coloring? It is associated with optimism, hope, material well-being, good health, satisfaction. But too bright colors, according to the dream book, allude in a dream to tension, irritability.

If you had a dream about red tone, it traditionally points to power, strength, emotions, as well as prohibitions and illnesses. Orange color warns of cunning and deceit, and indigo symbolizes unity.

Multi-colored dreams and objects testify to a creative mindset, imaginative thinking, tendency to non-standard perception of the world.

Why do you dream of bright colors in which various objects, people, landscape are painted? In a dream, it is a symbol of long-term success, various achievements, fulfillment of desires.

At the same time, the dream book convinces: the more intense the shade is, the more positive is the interpretation of a dream. If you dreamed that you bought paints, this means there is a need for decisive changes.

If you happened to see hair dyed in incredible colors? Expect stunning news or events. Makeup designed in rich colors, reflects jealousy.

To discolor in a dream - means to fade and grow old. If your hair is discolored in a dream, it means that you are not perceived as well as before, you have faded in someone's eyes. Bleached colors seen in a dream also predict the image change.

Why do you dream about the transition from black and white to color dreams? This is a symbol of improvement and development of the consciousness of the individual, the process of spiritual growth.

Sergii Haranenko
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