What is the meaning of recurring dreams?

Subconscious is a concept that many people do not believe in. And if they do, they rarely think about it in everyday life. However, regardless of whether we believe or not, the subconscious exists, and at some points in our life, most often when we have some difficult moments, it tries to help us solve the problems that exist in reality. You just need to listen to your inner voice.

Our dreams are a part of demonstration of our subconscious. All people see dreams; some of us rarely, some more often, and some do not remember dreaming at all. Psychologists believe that dreams are given to us so that we can reconsider our views on life, on any specific circumstances. Some people have the same dream several times, i.e. the theme of such dreams is repeated, but the plots may differ somewhat.

According to modern psychologists, such dreams convey some very important information for us, so they should be taken seriously. Dreams that are regularly repeated suggest that we did not cope with our task the first time, that our reaction to some life situations did not change, and the subconscious mind re-reproduces dreams, trying to “reach out” to our consciousness. And they will be repeated daily (or more seldom) until we resolve our internal conflict or problem in reality.

If you can not change the existing situation in reality, you should try doing it in your dream. You should imagine your night plot and try changing the details you can not make different in reality. Not only will your dreams start changing in a few days, but also your assessment of the problem situation.

Dreams repeating day after day can be associated not only with problems, but also with very strong desires. For example, you have a dream that you can not bring to life, and constantly think about it. In this case, after you achieve the desired goal or this goal becomes irrelevant for you, repeated dreams will stop.

Sometimes recurring dreams are harbingers of a future illness. When a person is sleeping, he has no connection with the outside world, and disturbing impulses are received in his brain without external interference about the failure of any internal organs. Repeated dreams may warn us about diseases that are still at the stage of nucleation, incubation.

For example, repeated dreams about spoiled foods, vomiting - mean stomach disease; dreams in which you feel strong fear of death - heart disease; recurring dreams of bathing in icy water - flu, cold, acute respiratory infections, etc. Researchers note that very often such unpleasant dreams appear much earlier than obvious symptoms of the disease.

So, if you have disturbing recurring dreams, first of all it is necessary to undergo a physical examination, and if everything is okay with your health, then pay attention to the problems that concern you.

Sergii Haranenko

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