Stomach Dream Meaning

Fat tummy

What is the meaning of dreams about stomach? Dreambook of Loff considers it a symbol of wealth and life itself. Accordingly, the bigger a belly in a dream is, the better the prospects. A fat belly, in the spirit of the aesthetics of the era of Rubens, promises good incomes, an increase in savings due to prudent economic management, and a thin one means unreasonable spending and ruin, failures in love and an avalanche of ill will.

A tummy swollen to the incredible size is interpreted ambiguously. Dream interpretation of Grishina sees a desire to plunge into sensual pleasures and to become bogged down in debauchery in this carnal image. Other dream books, explaining what an incredibly big, swollen stomach in dreams mean, hint at the expected stomach problems, troubles, worries that can be managed.

Miller’s dreambook gives joyful interpretations of seeing your own fat belly in a dream - it turns out that there are wonderful prospects ahead. Now, if in a dream the skin on it is flabby, wrinkled, this means the dreamer is slandered. A pumped up press on the abdomen that pleases with relief cubes means that no difficulties will stop you on the way to the realization of your plans.

Unusual dreams about stomach

Usually to dream of a bare belly means the loss of close relatives, betrayal, bad luck in love. Dream Interpretation advises to eradicate excessive innocence, gullibility, so that you do not fall into the set traps in reality.

Those who dreamed of hairy stomach will have to reconsider their attitude towards others. Be kinder, friendlier, try to notice not only shortcomings in people - you can see something good in each. If a girl sees a dream of a man's hairy belly - dream books claim that this is the symbol of wealth. And the money will come to you on its own, completely undeservedly.

What does it mean if you see a hole in the abdomen? This is a really unpleasant sign warning of diseases of the abdominal cavity.

A rather shocking sight - a transparent belly, dream books interpret the meaning of this dream as a possible leak of information. Home secrets can be the subject of general discussion. In addition, worries about money captured you so much that they do not let go even in a dream.

The repulsive appearance of a ripped up abdomen with gaping entrails means that the dreamer received a warning of impending disgrace and destruction. Explaining why such a terrible picture is seen, dream books speak about the coming demise of one of the relatives.

A belly without navel foreshadows the loss of a loved one, or other shocks. The dreamer will not be able to recover from the shock for a long time.

Pregnant belly and child moving

Dream books claim that feeling of a child in a stomach in a dream is a sufficient excuse to go to the pharmacy for pregnancy test. It is likely that the dream is prophetic and a new life is about to start in the dreamer's body.

What does it mean if a pregnant woman dreams about a child moving in the stomach, pushes with his legs? This is a good sign meaning that the labor will be easy and successful.

For a pregnant woman a sudden discovery of the absence of belly is also a good sign - just like a child who is vigorously beating in the stomach, rushing to be born, this image foreshadows an easy birth.

In addition, dream books pay attention - the movement of the child in the stomach can reflect the cooling of relationships with friends who are too busy with themselves to provide moral support.

If you are watching a pregnant woman in a dream, it promises an easy profit or success, with which fate will reward you for perseverance and patience.

The interpreters explain in different ways what dreams of touching the belly of a pregnant woman mean - either to a sudden enrichment, or to bitter separation. To caress it means to obtain valuable information and solve problems; and stroking your own tummy is a sign of coming defeat.

Stomach dreams explained by Freud

Freud's dream book treats stroking your own belly differently - as a sign of satisfaction with relationships, which, nevertheless, are far from complete harmony.

If in a dream you are kissing a partner in the tummy, you crave thrills, these impulses should be immediately discussed with your loved one. Other dream books say that in a dream the belly is kissed when there is a mass of pleasant experiences ahead from which you can lose your head.

Your predilection for dangerous adventures explains a dream about tattoo on your belly. Let this sign warn against unwary actions, an empty game with death.

And if you get pleasure from belly dance in a dream, it means that you can drastically change your life in reality.

Stomach wounds in a dream

Any wound in a dream is a symbol of misfortune and deprivation, and a wound in the stomach, as the most dangerous one, increases the degree of disaster. A sure harbinger of the fact that important information will soon be at your disposal is a shot in the stomach.

A gunshot wound to the belly that hit one on the spot portends a swift series of dangerous events, the active participant of which the dreamer will become. Take care of yourself. In general, any gunshot wound in a dream, especially in the stomach, speaks of the forthcoming predicament, in which the dreamer falls into his own carelessness. However, as a result, everything will turn out for the better. Especially favorable changes will occur in the professional field.

Another quarrel with a loved one can lead to a break in relations, if you saw you or him suddenly stabbed in the stomach with a knife. Avoid quarrels, family problems, so that the dream prediction does not come true, and your relationship does not collapse.

A hit in the stomach is treated as a threat to the financial situation. Overnight, the dreamer may lose all life's blessings, unable to withstand the changed circumstances. Insidious blow to the stomach with a knife says about the existence of evil intentions on the part of ill-wishers. Sometimes a knife wound to the stomach foreshadows the solution of a painful issue, on which family well-being directly depends.

As for cut up abdomen, Modern dream book sees this as a sensual side, promising well-being in love. But more often, if a wound on the stomach was seen, it is interpreted in exactly the opposite way, explaining the dream with love disappointments.

Abdomen illness and surgery

Anxiety for your health is often embodied in dreams associated with illness. When the stomach hurts, you need to be especially careful: this may reflect a stomach ailment or warn against recklessness that increases the risk of an accident.

A man who dreamed of a surgery on his stomach will have to fight for his family happiness, success and recognition. Nothing will come by itself, evolutionarily. We must be ready to stand up for ourselves, to overcome all obstacles.

On the one hand, to see in a dream an operation on one’s own abdominal cavity - to property losses. On the other hand, many dream books say that if they put something into the cut, it does not matter if it is a tool, an implant, then the lost will be returned with interest. Unexpected wealth will fall on the dreamer's head.

Misfortunes and tragedies in the family are waiting for someone who sees blood in a dream, oozing from a wound on his stomach.

If a wound on the stomach is sewn up in a dream, you can breathe out with relief - the tests will be met with dignity, others will appreciate the creative potential and creative ideas of the dreamer, deserved recognition awaits for him. When a suture is applied to the abdomen, one should not be disturbed. As the dream books say, what has been done in life is done, it is not necessary to change anything.

Scars on the abdomen mean that the dreamer, though will have some illness, but not too serious. Abdominal pain may portend that the plan will not succeed. If in your dream the pain torments a child, dream books advise to beware of infectious diseases.

Sergii Haranenko
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