Sleeping Dream Meaning And Symbolism

What is the meaning of sleeping in a dream? Sleeping in a dream symbolizes the spiritual and moral state of a person, his willingness to change and move forward.

In Hasse’s dreambook, sleeping outside is interpreted as a coming trip or journey. Napping in transport in a dream means the realization of trade affairs and relations; sleeping in the church - one must beware of slander and intrigue from ill-wishers; at relatives’ place - being in a state of rest and security. To rest on the balcony in a dream speaks about the fulfillment of hopes and dreams of the person; sleeping in the estate means one of the cherished desires to come true.

Medea’s dreambook interprets a dream about sleeping as a sign that a person stifles his own intuition with the voice of reason. You must learn to trust and listen to your inner voice, because in the near future, with the help of intuition, a person can achieve a lot.

According to Meneghetti, sleeping in a dream is a reflection of the need of respite, postponement or pause in solving any issues and problems.

Going to sleep in a dream characterizes a lost moment in real life, the desire to withdraw from business, relieve burdensome duties and responsibilities. Also, a similar image can be deciphered by a dreambook as a deception and insidious intrigue in which a dreamer can be involved.

If a girl sees herself sleeping in a dream, this can be a sign of unordinary events that can be related to both personal and business sphere. It is worth spending more time on rest, because fatigue can be one of the causes of poor performance at work.

What does it mean if you are dreaming about trying to sleep? Wanting to sleep in a dream is interpreted by a dream book as the physical and moral fatigue of a sleeping person.

Some dreambooks interpret ambiguously dreams of sleeping on the ground. On the one hand, the image implies respect from the authorities and honor among colleagues, and on the other, it means that a dreamer will allow to his inner circle by carelessness a person who can intentionally cause harm and trouble to the dreamer's home.

Sleeping on the floor is interpreted by a dreambook, as a subconscious search for protection and stability. The dirty floor personifies the neglect of the affairs of a dreamer that cannot be sorted out without help. This dream can also affect the home environment and the relationship between the family members; in order not to miss anything important, the dreamer should spend more time with his relatives.

The majority of dreambooks give negative interpretations of dreams about sleeping in bed. Own bed foreshadows a long-term illness or deterioration of the general condition of the body. To avoid this, you should devote more time to rest and recovery.

The dreambooks recommend people who happened to sleep in the water in a dream making yourself an emotional discharge, because the nerves, knee to the limit, can shoot at the most inopportune moment. Extreme sports and active pastime are well suited for this.

Sleeping on a table means that a person tends to stay away from noisy companies as much as possible, preferring to be alone. Fun parties do not cause the dreamer positive emotions, but rather oppress him.

A dream about sleeping in the cemetery has negative interpretation. This picture indicates that a person should pay close attention to their health. It is necessary to consult a doctor urgently and make all the necessary tests.

People who happened to sleep on the grave in a dream should not be worried about this. In most cases, the dream indicates severe physical fatigue and moral devastation.

If a person who has health problems in real life, had to sleep in a coffin in a dream, according to the dreambook, you should not be careless about your illness, because it can cause great consequences and affect your future well-being.

Sleeping with a deceased person in a dream is interpreted by dreambooks as quite a favorable sign promising a long and healthy life.

If a woman slept with her late husband in a dream, this plot predicts troubles in both business and personal life. If the woman is already married for the second time, this image promises a little quarrel with her current husband.

If a young girl slept with a man in her dream, this is a sign of a threat of being deceived. A man with whom the young lady has love relationships in real life will not be able to meet the hopes of the dreamer. A married woman who is in bed with an unfamiliar man foreshadows a pleasant surprise from her husband.

If a young girl had a recent quarrel with her partner and saw a dream about sleeping with him, such image promises reconciliation and romance between partners.

Sleeping with your ex-boyfriend in a dream is a sign of inability to forget or forgive your ex, unexplained issues and unfinished business between former lovers.

If a man sees a dream about sleeping with a woman, this plot foreshadows a precarious position at work, problems with finances or with mutual understanding between people close to him.

Putting the child to sleep in a dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s tiredness of small troubles and problems. A woman should take a break from her domestic duties; a man should devote more attention to family and children.

If the person slept head-to-toe with someone, this sign speaks about the opposing aspirations of people. To a woman who slept in such a position with her own husband, the dreambook indicates the existence of misunderstanding between spouses, the struggle of characters and the difference in goals.

If people in love sleep in each other’s embrace, the image speaks of harmony and understanding in the couple, acting in unison and striving for one goal.

To watch the child sleeping is interpreted as a certain shyness and naivety of the dreamer, personifies the helplessness of a person before the world around him. Anxious sleep of the baby talks about impending problems that undermine the mental and moral condition of a person.

If a baby sleeps peacefully it means that all important things will go smoothly, and beginnings will be successful in real life. If the mother admires the dormant baby in a dream, harmony, peace and tranquility will come to the life of the young lady.

Sleeping daughter in a dream promises a pleasant change in life, profit, prosperity and well-being for a mother. This picture foreshadows peace and tranquility, the ability to concentrate on work for a father.

To see your husband sleeping in someone else’s bed, it is worth preparing for a surprise that will be unpleasant. In some cases, the dreambook warns about adultery, or his unwillingness to have offspring.

If a stranger is sleeping in the dreamer's house, you should prepare for the unexpected arrival of uninvited guests.

To see how mother sleeps in a dream, promises peace and harmony in the family. If the mother is napping on her stomach, fun and happiness will illuminate the dreamer's house. If she is on her back this means unforeseen circumstances that a person can quickly cope with.

If a guy dreamed of a sleeping girl, it means that there will be harmony and peace in the relationship of lovers. If in a girl’s dream, an unfamiliar man sleeps in the place of her husband, the dreamer will have unexpected joy or a pleasant surprise.

If the deceased person slept in your bed in a dream, you should pay attention to your health.

If you saw your female friend sleeping, the dream speaks of striking changes in the life of a friend, which will entail changes in the life of the dreamer.

A sleeping cat is a sign of awareness about the appearance of difficulties, but the inability to influence or warn about them. If your pet cat is sleeping in a dream, this picture indicates peace and well-being in the family. Seeing the cat sleeping in the yard in a relaxed pose, basking in the sun, is a sign that the detractors have lowered their vigilance.

Dream about sleeping rat means that a person will get rid of the remorse of conscience and guilt, which has been tormenting him lately. Also, a vision indicates a deliverance from anger, a feeling of dislike towards someone.

If a young lady dreamed of a sleeping dog, it means that in reality a person is tormented by a feeling of uncertainty, and also indicates the unpredictability of the partner in the relationship.

If the young lady dreamed of a sleeping snake, it means that the dreamer will have a chance to spend time with her children and enjoy their company soon.

A dream about sleeping bear promises the opportunity to go on vacation, have a good rest from the annoying bustle and household chores.

Sergii Haranenko
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